Thursday Open Thread: Choose a Show — Then Fix It

My most recent post on Mr. Sunshine (meaning my review of last week’s episode) has sparked quite a conversation. First and foremost, it’s caused quite a discussion between me and CS offline about how Mr. Sunshine could be better. In the comments, though, we’ve somehow spurred a conversation about why Studio 60 failed. Sure, it all started with Mr. Sunshine, but it just grew from there.

So here’s my suggestion for you:

Choose a show — then fix it.

It doesn’t have to be a bad show. Not at all. But most shows have their rough spots. For example, I don’t like that The Big Bang Theory fell into the sitcom cliche trap. Modern Family‘s occasionally leaning on last season’s zingers to make for “new” episodes (Fizzbo, anyone? Clyde?). But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop watching.

Of course, there are others that need legit help. I mean, look at any bubble shows. What can fix No Ordinary Family, so it will stay on the air? Fringe? Or are they hopeless.

My choice? How I Met Your Mother. It’s not that HIMYM is bad, but it’s stuck in one question: Who is the mother? While all the other characters’ stories I’m enjoying (Marshall and Barney are especially standing out this season), Ted is very quickly becoming a flop. Why put him together with anyone? Now that it’s got two more seasons to go, somehow I doubt we’re meeting the mother any time soon.

So my fix? Have him meet her! Have him meet her in a crowded room at a big party. Have him scan the room, eying woman after woman. Not really noting one over another. Heck, have someone go, “Guys, this is Ted!” And then, voiceover:

And, kids, that’s how I met your mother.

Then you can spend the remaining seasons narrowing down the list. Which one of those girls was it? Her? No, rule her out. What about that one? Well, which one?

It shifts the show and gives Ted a little more room to grow without revealing the mother quite yet.

So what do you think? Like the plan? Argue away, or tell me your show and how you’d fix it.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Choose a Show — Then Fix It

  1. That’s a really good idea for HIMYM. I don’t really want the show consistently, but can totally see that working with the show.

    I’m not sure if this falls into the category of “fixing” a show, but I think the only way to fix The Office is to end it this season when Steve Carell leaves. I don’t think there is much else to do on the show and I’m afraid if they get a new boss, they will just end up repeating storylines.

  2. See I was going to say HIMYM too, but my advice would be to stop the drama – I come to HIMYM to laugh, not to cry. I check out as soon as dead and long-lost parents become main topics.

    For a show that was so funny for so long to turn into a drama, it is not working for me. Scrubs did the drama/comedy balance from the start, so when things got serious, it was “ok”. I get that it is hard keep it light now that everyone is getting old (parents, babies, etc), but there is no reason to leave the main topic behind.

    Also, the somewhat plausible set up of Ted’s telling his story to his kids went out the window with “The Naked Man”. No father is telling his kids all this. Meet the mom, have two seasons of schenenigans and dating and weddings, and end with bringing the first kid home to a finished house. The end.

    Pretty Little Liars is awesome, but they really need to solve SOMEthing before introducing new mysteries. Throw us a bone!

  3. They don’t do this quite as often anymore, but Modern Family sometimes drops in voice-overs during a scene. I think this is really bothersome. If you need a character talking about something, stick to the head on interview. The voice-overs are distracting and worse, they’re “telling” us what we’re supposed to see/learn in a scene rather than just showing it to us.

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