Being Human: Flashback, Fights, and Ties that Bind

BEING HUMAN: 1.10 “Dog Eat Dog”

Much like HIMYM last night, this episode, too, suffered from a lackluster beginning with a great finish. Unfortunately, it took me 49 minutes to really get invested in this episode. I think JC gave it a lot more patience than I did.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Aidan. I think Bishop is super creepy. I’d like it to stay that way. I don’t think I’m quite ready for flashbacks in this show yet. I like the hints of a past. The glimpses of Aidan outside with a child to indicate that he once, way back when, had a son. The fact that something changed him, but we don’t quite know what. I like the idea that Bishop is just plain evil, and there’s nothing in his past that makes me think that he’s good. I like having that powerful man — monster — haunting Aidan and controlling him from afar.

But this episode aimed to change that. We see that Bishop once loved. But who didn’t see his killing the woman in the end? The sad part is, I didn’t quite understand why. Just because Aidan turned his back him? Because he wanted to control the crew in Boston?

The flashbacks were ok, but they were all exposition. Exposition I wasn’t interested in while Josh was sitting in a cage, ready to fight for his life. After all, that’s what the episode promised us. And in the end, we basically saw nothing. We saw him transform, then saw the other wolf come out, and that’s it. We learn by his speaking (and the fact that he was still alive) that he won. No, I didn’t want to see him ripped to shreds (especially because the CGI was struggling a bit with these beasts), but something more than talking would have been nice.

And that’s all this episode really was. Talking. Sally upset because it looks like Aidan’s not doing anything. Aidan looking flustered and mildly running around to help, though it didn’t do any good. I didn’t understand how Sally couldn’t tell he was stressed, worried, and desperately trying to help under his cool demeanor, too. That was kinda obvious. I could see why Josh would feel like he betrayed him because he was forced to look cool in front of the Dutchmen, but if that was the case, why were they so buddy buddy and confidante-like after the fight was over?

Also, how exactly did Josh win? As I understood it, you couldn’t quite control yourself when you were the wolf, and he said the other one was stronger.

No matter what, this episode just fell flat for me. Am I concerned that Aidan now has to be part of Bishop’s group again? Sure. Do I want Bishop to die? No. He cares for his vamps — after all, he wouldn’t put any of them in the cage with Josh — and like I said, I like his presence controlling Aidan. So I’ll be interested in seeing what the Dutchmen do in the next episode. But would I want to watch this episode as a rerun?

Methinks I’ll pass on that.


One thought on “Being Human: Flashback, Fights, and Ties that Bind

  1. This one was pretty slow now that I think back to it. I’m going to be interested to see how they deal with the Dutchmen in the next few episodes, as I’ve found them, and the terror they induce in the Boston vamps, kind of interesting.

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