Once again, ‘Army Wives’ leaves us hanging

ARMY WIVES: 5.03 “Movement to Contact”

If you were anything like me, you thought that we just might find out last night which one of our leading men didn’t make it through their most recent mission. I’ve been wondering this since I saw the promos this winter. Silly me thought that if they were going to put it in the trailer last week, we’d find out this week.

I fell into the usual trap. Why would they tell us if they could string us along another week?

That’s exactly what they did. The moment we saw in the promos — the ominous SUV driving up to Claudia Joy’s house — was, of course, the final moments of this episode, so we still have a guessing game as to who didn’t make it. It could be anyone, what with the fact that every wife was already there. But they did drive up to Claudia Joy’s house… Do they tend to land at the official address, or track down the wife? That’s really the question.

You have to admit, there was a good juxtaposition here. Just as everyone was celebrating a new, upcoming marriage, someone else might be losing a husband. Man, TV sure does know how to play up the drama.

I could talk about the rest of the episode, but does anyone really care? Even my mom called me moments after the episode ended, just to tell me how, yet again, we have to wait. That’s what’s really on our minds.

But I should at least mention the rest of the episode. Here are some bullets:

  • Pamela really took Lucas’ broken wrist lightly. I wouldn’t be upset with Roxy, by any means. I mean, it wasn’t her fault. But I would be rather alarmed when he walked out with a cast.
  • Joan is really bothering me. She’s flip-flopping on every decision. I understand that sometimes she can’t make her commitments, and that’s exceptionally difficult for Roland, but this whole thing where she makes a decision and then changes her mind is really ticking me off. Maybe if a higher-up isn’t supporting the school on base, that means that school needs to be better, and that’s the slap in the face it needs. Too harsh? I think my aggression toward Joan is making me think that way, but I do agree that her education should come first, not Joan’s reputation.
  • Once again, Roxy’s son is being a jerk. I feel bad for her, though I’m not liking the turn of this storyline. It’s really trying on me, as a viewer, since Trevor has been rubbing me the wrong way for a season now.
  • Claudia Joy’s story didn’t really appeal to me. I’m wondering how much I’ll like the way this is going. I hope we don’t have to lean on that in case her hubby dies.

Speaking of… Well, if you want to know my newest prediction, follow the jump after the anxiety-ridden photo below.

image courtesy of Lifetime Television

[Read more after the break!]

Ok, my newest hypothesis? Jeremy. Everyone’s expecting an army husband to die. Well, he’s a soon-to-be army husband, and we’ve really spent a good amount of time getting to know his future wife. Plus, they had that moment where they almost called off the wedding then kept it on, so they’re all loving and happy again… It just seems like a really easy way to rip someone’s heart out. Plus, Jeremy has yet to be annoying. We would really miss him if he were gone, and by killing off Jeremy, no one has to leave the base.

That’s really the issue here. That’s why Chase seems like a natural choice. Since Pamela’s already off the base, and has the option to move to Atlanta, she seems like the easiest choice. But then again, they didn’t spend as much time with her storyline with Chase this week, and without that momentum, would his death mean much?

Of course, there’s always Claudia Joy. I mean, we did see them driving up to her house, and she has an off-base storyline now. But that just seems too big. Plus, we have to lead up to the predictable storyline where you start wondering if she’s too close to her boss.

So I’m sticking with Jeremy. I mean, Chase is still a close second and makes the most sense, but if you’re going for the heartbreak, we’ll go with Jeremy.

Next week promises to be a heartwrenching episode, so be sure to check it out…with a handkerchief.



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