Moment of the Week: V’s Best Kill

Ok, if you’ve been reading the site this week — and my tweets — it’s pretty obvious that there’s only one winner for this week’s moment of the week. And that comes from V‘s finale. I hesitate to say “season finale,” as the show’s still on the bubble, but I sure hope that’s the case. A show can’t end like that one did.

But a scene can. This week’s moment of the week involves the death of a regular cast member. That’s right, this week’s moment was Tyler’s death. Despite his mother’s warning, Tyler goes to “Lisa” (who’s actually an evil Visitor doppelganger who’s sole purpose is to get impregnated) to find out the truth about the V’s. His stupidity is clear. Heck, he even asks whether they’re really lizards underneath the skin — what V would admit to that anyway? But his rigor is sidetracked the moment “Lisa” takes off her robe.

Then, here comes the scene. Sadly, V’s under some good walls here, and I can’t find an actual video of the scene. Darn you! But basically, right after the sex, “Lisa’s” V teeth come out, and she rips his neck apart, as the real Lisa watches. Leaving us with this picture:

Ok, so it’s gruesome scene. So what? Why does it warrant Friday treatment?

Well, it appears I’m not the only one who was waiting to get rid of Tyler on V. Across the blogs, people are thrilled with the death. Tyler was known to many as the most annoying person on TV ever, and now he’s gone. Huzzah! Hurray! And just in case you think there’s a loophole, bloggers are on top of that, too, given this nice post from the TV Addict, asking the writers to assure us that he’s not really going to come back.

So that’s this week’s moment, but I know some of you might want a video. You read enough throughout the week. So in that case, be entertained by this other V death, which calls for some CGI…and tail through the gut. Yay blood?


(By the way, if I can find the video, I’ll add it, but alas, ABC does not even post full episodes for you to check out! No wonder it’s on the bubble.)


3 thoughts on “Moment of the Week: V’s Best Kill

  1. Tyler’s annoyingness is equal to that of Connor in Angel I think. Both of them were/are willfully stupid. At least in Angel, Connor redeemed himself in the end by becoming somewhat watchable as an amnesiac

  2. You’re completely right. I hated Connor. Ugggh. However, he had some good moments (especially in season 5). I don’t think Tyler ever did.

    But good comparison! I think I try to block Connor out of my memory sometimes… Tyler doesn’t get that same treatment–he’s too easy to make fun of.

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