Thursday Open Thread: What’s your chill show?

It’s about 7:00 pm. Well, at least when I started writing this. I just got home from my day, and this is the first moment I have to devote to a post on Raked. Why do I mention this? Because all I want to do right now is sit on the couch, veg, and chillax.

Yes, CS, I said, chillax.

So here’s the open thread…

What’s your chill show? What do you watch when all you want to do is relax?

My current chill show? How I Met Your Mother. I have syndication to thank for this, since it’s on usually around the time I hit the sofa. But really, the early seasons especially are awesome, so there you go.

But what about Saturdays and Sundays, when syndication just won’t cut it? Well, I have sometimes turned on my DVD sets of How I Met Your Mother or 8 Simple Rules. There is, of course, Buffy, since I’ve seen every episode so much that I just let my mind float off while watching the pretty pictures and listening to the quippy dialog.

But what about you? What show do you watch to just veg. Or do you do something else in front of the flat screen? Let me know, in the comments.

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I want Ted’s slippers. Like, right now. I think that would help my night.


8 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: What’s your chill show?

  1. It’s still Seinfeld. If there’s nothing else on, I could watch hours of it in syndication. Or I could pop in a DVD and watch an entire season. It quite literally makes me relax. I’d like to have a doctor monitor my blood pressure while watching it, because I’m sure it would go down.

  2. Seinfeld is one of mine too. And Friends. I can just veg on the couch for a while watching those shows.

  3. Generally, if I’m intending to veg, then I’m looking for a show while channel surfing. In which case, it helps that my preferred veg-out shows are all in syndication: Scrubs, NewsRadio, and How I Met Your Mother. Sadly, iCarly will also do. It’s not a show I’d choose to purchase on DVD (ever), but it’ll do if I need some light comedy and general noise in the room.

  4. I always land on a Family Guy, American Dad, or Futurama. Otherwise, its whatever is on HGTV at the time.

  5. @AKY

    HGTV is growing more and more as my go-to station. I’m even watching Income Property, when, not only do I not own my own space, but I don’t plan to rent a property in the near future either. HGTV is a good choice for chill.

  6. @CS

    Oh, and CS, iCarly used to be on my list, but once I started seeing the same ones over and over and over again, I finally had to avoid it. Plus, oftentimes, if that’s on, Victorious is on shortly thereafter, and I must change the station before that, because that show will sometimes annoy me and agitate me. Not as much as that one about the boy band, though. Takes me out of my veg mode when I have to frantically find the remote.

  7. If we’re talking just background noise then I go to Bones, Castle, or HIMYM. I used to care about these shows enough to devote my fully attention (and eyeballs) to, but sadly, no more.

    But if we’re talking just veg out in front of the TV or computer – no working or email or such – but with very little brain activity anyway – then probably L&O (SVU or CI) for the syndication reasons and mass availability on Netflix Instant.

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