Why ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ has me saying, ‘No no no.’

We’re in a muckity muck of reruns right now. There’s not all that much to watch. And while I have been enjoying the few shows that have been new lately, there’s one that’s just not working for me.

And that’s my guilty pleasure show, Say Yes to the Dress.

Why? Well, perhaps I’m being too picky here, but I’m tired of seeing the same dresses over and over. For a dress store that prides itself in having over 2,000 dresses (maybe more, if I’m remembering it wrong), I’m seeing the same ones in every episode.

Take for example, this little number, which has been in at least two episodes this season:

At least from this viewer’s perspective, if it’s not the same dress, it’s pretty darn close. So close that I can’t tell a difference at all. You’d think that if they were selling this dress to the wife of a Yankee, they’d try to change it up so it didn’t look like any ol’ person could get it. By the way, you can see another person wearing it here.

[Read more — and see more pics — after the break!]

And how about this one? Different belt, same dress.

And this one? I was able to find two — possibly three — more instances of this dress on the show.

I’m not saying that just because one dress has been shown in the show before, it can’t be shown again. But let’s spread them out. At this point, it almost feels like it’s the designers that are choosing which dress gets put on the air, something that could have been happening in recent seasons, just not as noticably. Personally, I tune in to see what crazy and pretty things are out there — not that I’d buy any of them (I’m married, and honestly, wouldn’t spend that much personally) — and I want to see variety, not a promotional push.

Just my thought, though. You can see all the dresses — including the repeat offenders — here.

*images from TLC.


5 thoughts on “Why ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ has me saying, ‘No no no.’

  1. And let’s not even talk about the monstrosities that are Pnina Tornei. If I see the see-through corset feather dress one more time, I’m going lose it!

  2. I agree. I tried to find two pictures of one in particular they keep showing over and over and over again, but all the girls were standing profile, so I couldn’t find the one I wanted to share. It was slinkier, but had some circle design right over the see-through stomach.

    But, in general, why people actually come in specifically to get one of those, I’ll never know.

  3. This is some great detective work. You’re right that the same dresses keep popping up again and again. Maybe they’re getting paid off by the designers?? I smell a scandal!

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  5. Kleinfelds has exclusive designers, and therefore some dresses an only be bought there. We keep seeing the Panina’s, Zanino’s and Basso’s, among others, because people shop there specifically for those dresses.

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