Mr. Sunshine: Getting to Know You-r Name

MR. SUNSHINE: 1.04 “Hostile Workplace”

I was a little worried that Jorge Garcia’s appearance in Mr. Sunshine was a one-time cameo after reading a couple initial reviews and not seeing him in last week’s episode. His scene with Matthew Perry in the pilot was the standout scene for the episode. It’s not that it was fantastic, but it was good, and I enjoyed it.

Well, he was back this week, and I must say, I wish that we had gotten a little more freshness out of him. His role this week didn’t do too much for me, with the exception of his back-and-forth with Ben at the elevator at the end of the episode. It was rather straightforward, and the yes-man attitude was certainly gone.

Garcia aside, while the episode was chuckle-worthy, it did fall a little flat this week, mainly because of the predictable storyline. As soon as he started writing mean descriptors of the workers in the office as pneumonic devices, I knew they’d land in the hands of those he was writing about. After all, it was basically the grownup Burn Book.

So while I enjoyed Ben’s high on people liking him, I did find the plot a little lacking. Even Crystal’s joke about giving them and ice cream social. Yes, we all know the joke that to make employees happy, you give them free food. After all, that’s why Michael bought the team ice cream sandwiches at the end of “Health Care” on The Office. It just lacked freshness.

With the exception of Alice and Alonzo’s back -and-forth with Crystal. That was great. I really did think, for a good while, that she was just being plain racist…for a good while, mind you. Clearly, there was going to be some twist in the end, and frat brother, I certainly did not expect. But at least they were doing something with Alice’s character this week. We still know very little about her other than that she’s dating Alonzo, so there’s been little to do with her. This episode helped to some degree.

Other things I liked about the episode? The fact that the A/C guy quit because Ben kept calling him Robert (and Ben’s quip that Luis was a pretty big loss after finding out that he’s the guy that also finds people). The discussion of the Littlebirds. And the fact that Garcia was back. But I already said that.

Your thoughts?


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