HIMYM: Heart Palpitations for Barney, Meh for Me

It’s Raked, stepping on KT’s turf. Why? Well, “much like Billy Joel, she just couldn’t take it anymore.” Try to remember which ep that references while you see what I’m really mad at below.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 6.18 “A Change of Heart”


Was that too mean? I don’t mean to make it mean, but while I appreciated the successful way that How I Met Your Mother, in its usual way, told a story in flashback, it didn’t do all that much for me. Ok, perhaps Scooby did (who I recognized as a Disney brat that appeared in a few episodes of Life with Derek), but the Barney heart thing just didn’t work for me. Let me expand (after all, that’s muh job).

It’s not that I don’t like the idea of Barney falling in love. I did miss some of the leadup to his relationship, but I think we could all see that at some point, Barney would have to choose between his playboy ways and being a real boy. He did this with Robin, which helped him grow, and it looks like he needed to do it again. No surprise there.

But it was the Lily part. Lily is once again in her role of, “Don’t hurt her” followed by “Youuuuuu sonofabitch!” to “But Barney, this is how you really feel.” We’ve seen it before, and it just didn’t work this time.

I’m all about expanding Barney’s role in the show and giving him something more. But it is a little more evidence that the show has kinda lost its way. Are we any closer to meeting the mother? Do we want to? Is all this really going to feed into each other so in the series finale, we’ll know how all these individual stories meet up to become one warranted long story of how we met Ted’s mother? I suppose HIMYM could have used a little more strategy, possibly with a deadline, so they knew when it would end. Then these one-off episodes might make sense.

Of course, if we wanted to push it, we could say that this leads up to the season opener, where Ted is the best man at a mystery groom’s wedding. Since Marshall’s already hitched, we assume it’s Barney’s, but we really have yet to see. Could this be that lead in?

If so, though, what’s that got to do with the mother?


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