One Tree Hill: We Get It. He’s a Badass–in a Bad Way.

ONE TREE HILL: 8.17 “The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get”

This episode really had very little substance until the last five minutes. Well, unless you sell “toaster pastries,” in which case you just got an hour of free advertising along with a brand-new jingle.

Ok, I gave it a hard time, but it was kinda funny.

Anyway, what happened? Let’s see. Millie got her very own storyline this episode. Too bad it’s been used in many many other series over the years. The whole, “I’m taking a risk and it looks like I’m going to be fired, but people actually loved me” storyline. My biggest problem? Mouth is doing all the work, and I think he’s aware of it. Millie had no opinion about the street sign story (which was true, by the way), and Mouth fed her the angle. How is she going to handle being a commentator alone? My guess? She’s not. And it might just cause a little friction.

On to Julian and Brooke, who are getting a new baby. Something about this pregnant woman puts me off, and I don’t want to trust her. It seems way too easy for Julian and Brooke to get this child, and something isn’t going to work. Either she’s not going to give it up, the biological father is going to come into the picture, or she’s going to come back next season and want the baby back (if there is a next season, fingers crossed!). Anyway, that didn’t really move forward, other than choosing paint colors that weren’t actually chosen. Which would you want: soft duckling or enchanted forest?

Then there was Chase, who really just hung out with Chuck the whole time. Well, at least we’re doing something with Chase, which is more than we can say about how he’s been used previously on the show.

Finally, Nathan. Ok, so Nathan’s professor doesn’t want him to sign his son, and then they go ahead and do it. That seemed like a pointless point of discussion, right? At least it gave us that weird moment in the diner, where people kept showing up to eat and then leaving. Anyway…

The real thing we’re discovering with Mr. Badass, the Bad (my new name for Ian Kellerman, since he thinks he’s a badass, but he’s really just bad) is that not only did he somehow meet Alex and is messing around with her, but he apparently is the one that drove drunk and hit the car Brooke was in that almost killed her and Jamie. Hit and run…in a very bad way.

I’m not sure what to do about Mr. Badass, the Bad. I mean, they haven’t made him likable, like our usual characters that we make good again, like Q and Sam. Sure, he presents a big problem with Nathan, now that he’s just signed a criminal (of sorts), but I’m not all that invested in it. Mr. Badass, the Bad is just that: a “badass” that’s bad. He’s not multidimensional, and he’s kinda annoying. I don’t know if I want to devote my time to him and with Clay’s negative opinion of him, I’m confused as to why he’s spending so much time on him either, beyond Nathan’s simple phrases of faith.

Anyway, I guess now that we’ve opened the doors to the hit and run again, we’ve got somewhere to go. Too bad there wasn’t more leadup, though.

By the way, can someone answer one question for me? Why the hell isn’t One Tree Hill advertising the crap out of the fact that The Blind Side‘s Quinton Aaron is on this show now?! Hello, huge opportunity!

That is all.


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