Yep, I started watching ‘Fringe’ again. You can, too.

I’ve mentioned this on Twitter, but I haven’t formally announced it on the site yet. I’ve started watching Fringe again. Not to give FOX any big ideas, but it was the move to Friday that actually compelled me to watch again. For two reasons: 1) It didn’t conflict with any of my shows anymore (well, Say Yes to the Dress, but I live), and 2) I felt I needed to help save it from the Friday night death slot. Not sure if my viewership is helping, but I certainly hope so.

It’s not that I actually stopped liking Fringe. Actually, I was quite invested in it. But the timeslot in the second season conflicted with other things I was watching, and while I’d TiVo or plan to watch online, I just lost my footing and never caught up. And I hear a missed a kickass season. Even based on the “previously on Fringe” starters for each episode, I can tell I missed some good stuff. But at least I think I’ve caught on to the major things that happened, and I certainly want to go back and catch up eventually.

Sadly, this means I’m not quite in the position to start reviewing again, but maybe I’ll get there soon.

But really, I love it. It’s got the same quirkiness of Walter, but the other characters have really grown and found themselves, which is great. While I loved the first season, Olivia was rather stilted, and she’s finally come into her own and become this wonderful, likable character.

Perhaps not as likable as the other Olivia (I’ve heard her named Fauxlivia), who I think is my brand-new hero. Now, ok, perhaps I’m only thinking this way because I missed the entire season where she impersonated the real Olivia and stole Peter away from her. Deception was her middle name, I hear. But she’s just so fun and full of life. And her hair and clothes are awesome. Ok, perhaps those last two things are just me.

That being said, I want Peter with real Olivia, not the other one. I want Peter in our real world, not his original one. Is that greedy? I dunno.

All this to say, I started watching Fringe again, and I’m hooked. Think you can’t figure it out without seeing all the seasons? Well, I’m a TV blogger, and I can tell you that it’s still an enjoyable experience, and you’ll like it almost as much as if you’d invested the last year to the show. I say, jump on the train folks. Let’s ride it to Fringe town.

Ok, that was weird.

Anyway, great show, and let’s keep it going.


In other news, I totally geeked out last episode with the subtle references to the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. If you’re going to put a plot at something called the Rosencrantz Hotel, you know it will either play off Hamlet or Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. The minute Walter took out the quarter, I knew it would land on heads heads heads. Kudos, Fringe, writers! On that same note, did anyone notice if the hotel in the other world was called the Guildenstern?


*image from Yahoo! TV


One thought on “Yep, I started watching ‘Fringe’ again. You can, too.

  1. I’m greatly enjoying the reunion with this show as well. I’d like to catch up on all that we missed. On the bright side, I hear somewhere that Fringe is doing decently on Friday night, so perhaps it will be able to stick around for a while longer.

    Loved the 80s flashback episode last week. It was awesome!

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