Thursday Open Thread: Who Watches This?

For some reason, I happened to watch a lot of the Food Network this week. Not sure why (though if anyone at the network is reading this: more reruns of Good Eats, damnit!). All through the week, the network was heavily promoting a new show called Ice Brigade, a reality show that follows a group of misfits who make ice sculptures, or something like that. Food Network already has two or three shows about people making weird cakes and cupcakes for a living (an idea that I consider to be about one of the most terminally boring things to watch on television); now they’re going to have a show about people who make ice sculptures, which generally just sit around as a display piece amid a bunch of actual food.

Ice Brigade falls into the same category as shows like Ice Road Truckers, Ace of Cakes, Ax Men, and a multitude of other niche cable reality TV shows that bizarrely manage to scrape up enough ratings to stay on the air. All these shows make me wonder: Who watches stuff like this? Nothing about any of these shows seems even remotely interesting; I’ve watched a few episodes of some of them and that’s done nothing to change my mind.

Anyway, so the open thread question: What shows have you either watched or seen advertised that make you wonder (whether you think the show is trash, boring, or simply too weird to get into): Who could possibly watch that?


No offense, guys. What you do looks complicated and artistic, but just doesn’t seem like good TV show material to me.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Who Watches This?

  1. I wonder who watches Bridalplasty…or whatever it is called. The show that has brides compete to win whatever plastic surgery they want? And the grooms can’t see them until they walk down the aisle? Personally, I am just disgusted by this concept and can’t imagine anyone watching it. Sorry if I’m offending anyone here, but really?! It’s trash. Lol

  2. I actually watched about ten minutes of that show a few months back. It really is atrocious trash, but also kind of disturbingly fascinating. Made me wonder: What is so fundamentally wrong with these people that they’d do this to themselves? Certainly won’t be watching it again though.

  3. Bridalplasty is on my list too! Up there with The Swan and Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire (which was just insane). Also, any Tila Tequila show, and the show where the woman offers her SO a marriage ultimatum, plans a wedding, and then stands up, wondering if he will show up or not. Gah.

  4. I ask this question any time I see a clip of some random show on The Soup.

    In some cases, I can see why someone might watch the first episode, but then I don’t know why they continue to watch and it continues to be on the air. For example, I watched one episode of DC Cupcakes (one of the cupcake shows JC mentioned above), and they kept discussing how they had to teach someone their “signature swirl” (you know, the icing on top that looks like every other cupcake baker’s icing on top) and how it was so stressful and upsetting. I was so bored I never watched again, and I sigh when I see a commercial.

    Who watches this stuff?!

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