Mr. Sunshine: Face Licker

MR. SUNSHINE: 1.03 “Heather’s Sister”

Did anyone else feel like this episode of Mr. Sunshine made a much better use of the characters? I certainly did. After last week, where it felt like Alice and Alonzo didn’t really have anything to do, so they made up a plot for them, they finally had something going on. Well, Alice less so. I did kinda forget about the Jessica plot shortly after she mentioned it to Alonzo and Ben, but at least she wasn’t in the main action the whole time.

I’ll get to Ben’s double date in a minute, but I wish the ads hadn’t given away the ending with Crystal’s dog. I’m not sure how funny it would have been, seeing her dragging the dog across the floor, if it had been a surprise, but knowing what would happen when she said, “You’ll make him withdraw into his shell,” it kinda lost the funny. I did really like Alonzo in this episode, totally disliking the fact that he’d have to do the dog show and then completely absorbing the attention and loving it. That was great. For one thing, it was a pleasant surprise — especially when he donned the military whites — and it showed us that Alonzo isn’t just a one-sided happy guy all the time, like we saw in the previous two episodes.

But let’s move on to Ben and his night, because, really, I enjoyed it.

This was the first episode that really highlighted Heather, beyond just talking about her. And you know, I really like her. She’s interesting, in a funny, creepy way. I like that she manipulated Ben’s man crush on Tony Hawk into a date with her sister. And I loved that she could pinpoint characters so much that she thought Ben’s narcissism would be a perfect match for Stephanie’s eager-to-please desperation. That was great.

And while the double date was a little weird (I never did get the whole thing with the butter), I enjoyed it. The first date was a lot more fun, hearing Stephanie repeat the same things that Ben liked (cartoon bears, anyone?). But the second was just that much more awkward. And then they got to the face licking which was…well…face licking.

So I guess I don’t have too much to say about the episode, except that I enjoyed it. Kudos to Heather for standing up to Ben, and kudos to Lindsay Sloane, who played Stephanie, as I always like her. Overall, fun.

Though I did start to wonder if Stephanie’s yelling back at Ben was solely because he said she shouldn’t be agreeable anymore — in essence, still trying to please him. Thoughts?


One thought on “Mr. Sunshine: Face Licker

  1. While I still feel the show hasn’t met its full potential, it does seem to be improving from episode to episode. However, three episodes in, it does seem to have a few problems that need to be solved. First of which would be the sitcom clichés. This week it was the Andrea Ander’s character’s storyline. It was the best use of her yet, but still, we’ve seen it before in other sitcoms.

    Also, while typing the above paragraph it occurred to me that there is another problem with this show that could become a major problem if not fixed. I still don’t identify anyone in this show by their character yet, just by the actor playing them. Which, in my opinion, displays that this show is in need of some deeper character development. I mean, we know Matthew Perry’s character and some of the other character’s quirks, but we really don’t know what any of these characters are really ABOUT yet.

    But the good thing is that it’s still improving and hopefully will continue to.

    (BTW, if you, like me, were sitting there wondering where you’d previously seen the actor portraying Heather’s sister recently, it was probably from HIMYM, specifically last season’s “Double Date” episode, in which Ted goes out on a blind date with a girl he previously blind dated years before. She deserves a regular part in some show. She did an excellent job during the date scene of attempting to constantly appease Matthew Perry’s character while at the same time giving a small glimmer of “how long do I have to keep doing this” in her facial expressions. I just sat there watching things spiral and waiting for her to explode. Which direction she would be going with it, I had no idea. Mad at Heather? Mad at Ben? Or not mad at all? Which would it be?)

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