One Tree Hill: Babies R Us

ONE TREE HILL: 8.16 “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here”

I’ve never heard of Little League requiring tryouts. Or auditions, if you’re Julian.

By the way, I love Julian. I didn’t quite catch his “butterfly catching” comment until he was out on the field, and I saw him get distracted by a butterfly. That’s great.

Sorry I haven’t written on OTH for a while. I wanted to, but time got away from me, but to be honest, the only thing that can really be commented on was Brooke and her many costumes — and the fact that Mia finally decided to leave Tree Hill and go on tour. Actually, the fact that we don’t have to hear her whine or see her boobs for a while should be shouted from the rooftops. It was in serious consideration of TV Moment of the Week.

Anyway, this week, it was all about the little ones. Now, did any of you really think the adoption process was going to go smoothly if Brooke and Julian lied their way through it? Actually, I didn’t realize they were chatting with an expectant mother; I thought it was an adoption agency. Now that I know that, I take back my declarations that they’d, of course, do a background search, and just add, Dude, didn’t you guys see that episode of Friends back in the day?

And, as expected, it backlashed when baby mama crashed the baby shower. I don’t really know if anyone would be that open around a perfect stranger — talking about their coke addiction and going to prison (by the way, why is it that I don’t remember Quinn or Haley being in jail?) — but it certainly screwed things up for Brooke. While I’m sure Haley’s speech helped, it was Brooke that turned it around, and it clearly made a difference. Though I guess we’ll see next week if this is really someone Julian and Brooke want to open up their lives to, baby or not.

Meanwhile, I thought Haley’s baby shower was fun, and I loved that Quinn is such a bad liar. But what was with all of the mother references? I’m sorry, but I still contend that we didn’t spend enough time with Quinn and Haley’s mother to care about her death last season, so why should we keep bringing it up now? Sigh.

As for the new player for Clay and Nate, I think it might take a little time for him to grow on me. This is clearly their shrew that they’ll be turning around to someone we like (see Q and Sam from previous seasons), and by the end of this season, I see a tearful hug with his father — or at least his father’s attendance at a baseball game.

What else? Ok, how about the end? Did anyone else get an ominous feeling when Clay and Quinn were walking through their garden paradise? I think they were trying to get across the idea that it was their “happy place” and that they’re fine where they are. They don’t need to get engaged and married right away. But the fact that they returned to the place they imagined as they were bleeding their way to death in the season opener really gave me the creeps. I’m hoping that wasn’t foreshadowing something horrid.

And that’s that! On to next Tuesday! You know, in a few days.

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