What’s on Tonight? Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy

Need a treat on President’s Day? Well, perhaps watching a murder in Italy isn’t your number one choice, but it certainly is an intriguing option.

I’ve mentioned the Lifetime movie Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy before. The movie premieres tonight on Lifetime, and I finally got to sit down and watch the screener that was sent to me.

Based on a true story, Amanda Knox deals highly publicized trial of Amanda herself, who was accused and convicted of her roommate’s gruesome murder.

This isn’t a case that I followed when it happened. Clearly. Because while I was awarding the show with a perfect timing award, since Knox’s parents are now being indicted for libel due to their claims of Amanda’s abuse during her interrogation, it looks like the real reason behind the premiere just might be to align with Amanda Knox’s appeal scheduled for sometime in the next month. I guess it’s time to watch the headlines.

My lack of knowledge on the case did not cause any problems in watching the movie though. It provided a lot of back and forth on what might have happened — and the evidence they had at hand — and it was certainly interesting (once you got past the bad hair and horrible Italian accents). But don’t think you’ll be seeing an unbiased version of the tale. While the movie likes to question whether Amanda really did the crime or whether it was just the justice system in Italy that put her behind bars, the creators of the film certainly had their own point of view — and it showed in Hayden Panettiere’s performance. It wasn’t until the trial itself when they showed the evidence that I started to wonder over her guilt or innocence. Before that, I was convinced (though I won’t tell you which way).

Either way, they certainly depicted Amanda as basically plumb crazy. Cartwheels before interrogation. Smiling as she’s entering the courthouse. Making out with her boyfriend moments after the roommate’s body was found. It’s not pretty.

I was hoping, though, that this movie would show a little more of the differences between the American justice system and that of Italy’s, and it does get to that, but for the most part, I wonder if you can really blame the government. However, there is a pretty ugly interrogation and moment with a doctor that does make you question their methods.

Ultimately, though, I enjoyed the movie. There are some graphic images, though, which surprised me for  Lifetime movie, but man, it sure was effective. In the end, of course, I just wanted the truth, and it’s chilling to recall that this was based on actual events and the real sequence of events will be something we’ll never know.

Right after the movie, Lifetime will also be airing an hour-long documentary about the case, Beyond the Headlines: Amanda Knox. Considering the questions left unanswered, I’m certainly curious to check that out.

Anyway, check out the movie (and the documentary, if you’d like) and come back here to let me know your opinion.

Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy premieres tonight at 9 pm EST on Lifetime.

*images courtesy of Lifetime Television


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