‘Mr. Sunshine’ Entertains. I Mean It.

MR. SUNSHINE: 1.02 “Employee of the Year”

So I know Mr. Sunshine got some rough reviews last week, but pilots are always rocky. If you recall, this blogger wanted to give it a chance, and so did the commenters. Well, I did, and I was quite pleased.

While, sure, there were some rough spots, I actually really enjoyed the episode. Surprisingly enough, while I wasn’t thrilled Nick Jonas would be appearing on the show, his dynamic with Matthew Perry was rather entertaining — particularly the part where Perry was leading him to the dressing room when he first arrived. Sure, his pep talk in the dressing room was a little lame, but the rest, I was impressed. It might’ve been a casting stunt, but overall, it worked.

I especially liked all the jabs at Brothers and Sisters, which also appears on ABC and, if I recall, is having trouble in the ratings. I wonder if anyone will start watching now. My real question, though, is that if ABC was trying to promote the show — even as a joke — why couldn’t they get a real Brothers and Sisters season 1 DVD set, instead of the vague black box?

The contest itself was ok, though I don’t think there’s any way else we could have had a churro cake in the episode, and why wouldn’t you want that? I was sure that Ben would not get the golf cart, no matter the winking, but I was still wondering how that would fall out.

As for Roman and the secretary, well, if they’re getting rid of the secretary already, that’s kinda sad. I really wanted to see what she would do (and I loved that she had some bolt cutters under her desk). She could really be fun to develop. They implied that she wasn’t going anywhere, what with Roman’s lighting the cart on fire, so I guess we’ll see.

I will say, though, that so far, Andrea Anders is not impressing me. In fact, if anything, this episode showed that the series could get along just fine with out her and Alonzo, since their storyline was anything but entertaining. Also, her shorts bothered me.

I just feel like they miscast the role. I know some people are Anders fans, and I don’t want to step on toes, but I feel like the character of Alice requires a young, Heather Locklear executive type, and Anders is wearing the clothes but not playing the part. She’s still sitting in a cubicle in Better Off Ted. Something there just doesn’t line up.

But overall, I was laughing through this episode, and I give it props. It’s given me faith in the series again, and I kinda hope it makes it. But ask me again next week, just to be sure.


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