Jeopardy: A word on our new robot overlords…

We stand at the brink of humanity’s descent into irrelevance: The Watson Challenge begins tonight and runs through till Wednesday. Watson, in case you didn’t know, is IBM’s evil new supercomputer, programmed to win at America’s greatest game show (Jeopardy of course) and pound human biological intelligence into the dust. Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, two of Jeopardy’s greatest champions will square off in a mental deathmatch with this silicon monster. No doubt Watson will wipe the floor with these two puny examples of organic life, prefiguring its eventual evolution into some sort of omniscient Skynet Overmind that controls every aspect of our increasingly electronic, interconnected lives.

Of course, I will be away from a TV tonight when Jeopardy airs and I forgot to set up the DVR to record it. Ooops. This is why the computers will win.


8 thoughts on “Jeopardy: A word on our new robot overlords…

  1. All I can think of is this quote from The Office: Look, I gave him a six-foot cord so he can’t chase us.

  2. I think it’d be hilarious if it were somehow pre-programmed with some sort of celebrity voice, such as Jeff Foxworthy or Paris Hilton.

  3. Or Macho Man Randy Savage. Hilarious.

    “What is a Slim Jim, Alex? Oh yeeeeaaaaaahh!!”

    Now THAT would rub it in when Watson got a correct answer.

  4. It is very easy to defeat Watson or any robot. Simply ask him to define love. As my many viewings of Futurama tell me, tears will start to run from his robot eyes and thus short out his circuits.

  5. Ah, but it’s playing Jeopardy. They wouldn’t be asking him to define it. They’d be giving him the definition. What would happen then? At the very least, you’d have a robot stating, “What is love, Alex?” And then maybe Trebek would be the one crying and shorting out.

    (“Oh YEEEAAAAAHH!!”)

  6. The best part was in last night’s episode, when Watson couldn’t process the answers to words that are also on keyboard keys. The irony in that was tangible.

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