First Impressions: Mr. Sunshine

MR. SUNSHINE: 1.01 “Pilot”

I heard some rather negative things about Matthew Perry’s Mr. Sunshine before last night’s premiere. I tried to avoid many reviews, but I still picked up some bits and pieces. Because of that, I went into the series rather cautiously. Actually, it’s probably a good thing, since before that, I had really high expectations.

I mean, look at the cast. Matthew Perry. Allison Janney. Recognizable faces from many a lost series like, Studio 60 and The West Wing. The promo was funny. So I thought it was in good shape. Anyway, I just adjusted my expectations a bit last night when I tuned in, given this new intake of opinion.

Now for the big moment. My overall opinion? Pretty good. It needs work, but ultimately, I enjoyed it. I’m a little nervous admitting that out in the blogosphere, as I’m sure many bloggers out there disagree, but I did like it. I thought it was funny – especially Jorge Garcia (why didn’t they advertise his being in the show?). I loved the scene where Ben put an assortment of names together to come up with the name Bobert for Garcia, only to have Garcia say, yes, it was his name. No, it’s not (and IMDB won’t tell me what it really is), but it all went back to one day when Ben told “Bobert” not to say anything other than yes to him – which is difficult because sometimes he doesn’t ask yes or no questions, as Bobert said. That was great.

The clowns, another great addition. Why? Because everyone hates clowns. Even better? There’s an elephant loose in the arena. I look forward to small distractions and things like that throughout the show. Should be great.

It does need a little work, though. I know many people are upset that Matthew Perry is, well, Matthew Perry, but that really was what I was expecting. He’s a little more Matt Albie than Chandler Bing, but it’s a character by Matthew Perry. Ben was exactly what I was expecting.

Sadly, so was Andrea Anders’ Alice, who was, in my opinion, the weak link of the show. Now, I did enjoy Better Off Ted, and Anders was a big part of that show, but despite that, I’ve never really been an Anders fan. She plays pretty much the same character in everything she’s been in – Joey, Better Off Ted, and Mr. Sunshine being the ones I’m comparing. True, she’s trying to make Alice a little less flaky than her Ted doppelganger, but it’s not really coming across that way. Alice is falling a little flat, and I’m not quite sure why so many are after her.

Further, on a plot point, why would someone want to move in with you after they know you’ve had an open relationship with someone else for the past number of months? Isn’t that a big leap when you haven’t even been monogamous?

Now on to Allison Janney. I wish I remembered where I found the review of the show that said something like this: “Allison Janney does a good job considering the material she has to work with.” Kudos. That’s completely accurate. I like Janney, and I think I like Crystal, but I do hope that they do a little more with her character than just making her a drug nut that’s always baked. I have hope for her, and she did entertain me, throwing a kid at clowns with axes, but I do want to see where she goes.

So overall, I was entertained, and I’ll check out next week’s show. Pilots are always a little rocky (the whole problem with trying to set up backstory and plot at the same time in only 22 minutes), so I have hope that the show will improve.

What did you think?


3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Mr. Sunshine

  1. My opinion: it definitely has potential. Last night didn’t strike me as great, but I’ll keep watching. As I’m a fan of nearly everyone in the cast, I had no problems with the actors, and they all delivered about what I expected and portrayed characters who acted about as I’d expect. Except Allison Janney, of course. Her change of pace may take a little getting used to. The weak part of the show, I felt, was the writing. It didn’t impress. I felt the actors perform well, but don’t have a lot to work with. This is a show that should deliver jokes at the speed of Scrubs, Newradio, or Studio 60. Of course, this was the pilot episode, so it may have been slowed a bit to introduce character and plotlines. And it didn’t help that if you watched the 3 minute promo, you already knew the entire plot of this episode and all the key jokes.

    But I’ll keep watching, and I hope it picks up from here. The cast involved certainly gives it the potential to.

  2. I didn’t laugh out loud much during the episode last night, but it did make me smile a few times. It seems to have potential, with both the cast and settling, so we’ll see where it goes.

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