Catching up on ‘Vampire Diaries’

VAMPIRE DIARIES: 2.13 “Daddy Issues”

I haven’t written about Vampire Diaries in a while, and to be honest, I think I’m only writing about it now due to guilt. For all you readers out there, this one’s for you.

But it’s not going to be that great. I’m not sure what it is lately, but Vampire Diaries is just not doing much for me recently. I mean, I sit relatively anxiously as I watch the show (especially during Caroline’s torture, which I’ll get to in a minute), but then I just kinda go, Alright. Well, that was the show then. I’m not really getting any ripples after watching it. I tend to forget about it the minute the credits go up, and I just anxiously look for my TiVo so I can catch up on Community.

I’ll start with the last few episodes. We seem to be leading up to something with this whole “Originals” storyline, but it was pushed aside the minute that Elena made a deal. Stefan seems to be the only one still concerned about this, and it just keeps putting him in the background of each episode, doing really nothing and we kinda ignore him. This is ok, of course, because Stefan is a piece of wood*.

On the other hand, there’s Damon, who’s clearly making a progression of his own. Sadly, I cared little about Rose, so a cliffhanger of her getting bitten by a werewolf meant little to me, and her drawn-out death meant less. It clearly meant something to Damon, though, because now more than ever, he’s seeing that he can’t be the “man” Elena wants him to be. The emphasis is, of course, on man since it’s basically the crisis you see on Being Human, where you can’t deny the monster side of you.

And he won’t. Instead, he’ll kill someone in the last two minutes of every episode, which has already become predictable. I called his last kill the minute they showed him in the tub with the reporter. The only interesting part of this will happen when people start discovering the truth, and he runs out of places to hide the bodies.

But let’s move on to Caroline who is certainly my favorite character this season. Love triangle aside, Vampire Diaries has done some great things with Caroline, and she was the perfect person to put in that box and torture. If it were Damon, he would have grown angry and barked back. Stefan…well, he’d be wood. But Caroline. While she’s grown confidence as a vamp, she’s still got a vulnerable side, so seeing her curled up in a ball getting tortured was torture for the viewer and very effective.

What do I think about the werewolves versus the vampires? Two things: First, there’s no way that Stefan and Damon could have taken that pack on themselves as long as they did. Sorry, Damon’s only one guy (and, as referenced twice now, Stefan is a piece of wood). Second, this just seems too boring. Too Twilight. Too storybook. Move on to some different dynamic. I’m done.

So while I was completely angsty watching my favorite gal get hurt by the wolves – and I even got teary as Elena and Bonnie came over for a sleepover after and she finally broke down – this episode didn’t do all that much for me. I’m worried about where the show will go. Did they do too much in the first season?

*Oh, and in case you’re wondering where this “wood” thing comes from, you have to go back to Boy Meets World. In one episode, Topanga asks Cory, “Do you think this is funny?” to which he responds, “No, I think it’s the opposite of funny. I think it’s… wood.” Certainly, I’m not saying that Stefan lacks a sense of humor. I’m just saying he lacks anything that’s identifiable, and that he’s a borefest. Oh, wait, there is one identifiable feature that Stefan has that Damon pointed out this episode: a hero hairdo.

2 thoughts on “Catching up on ‘Vampire Diaries’

  1. I definitely know what you mean. While I’ve been enjoying the episodes, when it ends, it’s just like okay…There hasn’t been much to discuss afterwards. With the exception of this past episode. It was very tough to watch Caroline get tortured. She has definitely come a long way.

    I also kind of feel bad for Tyler. He doesn’t seem to know what to do. And I really dislike Jules. I understand that she is angry that Damon killed Mason, but she is just so mean! There is nothing I like about her so far.

    I think with the whole orginals storyline, they are just building it up for the season finale. I think they introduced it too soon since it’s been just a waiting game to see what happens, but I think it will come to a head in May.

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