Merlin: New knight, old plot

KT really wants to put another ‘a’ in this name.

MERLIN:  3.04 “Gwaine”

This is a new episode, but I’d understand if you thought you’d seen it before.

We’ve seen villains use magic to look like someone else at least twice before, magic necklaces and all.  We’ve seen villains plot to take Arthur down in other contests of arms (I swear we have, but I can’t find one because I tend to gloss over action sequences when I review, oops).  And we’ve seen a handsome commoner with thick dark hair prove himself worthy to be a knight, only to be severely rebuffed by Uther.  Oh, and that one flirted with Gwen, too.

All the same, here we have the future Sir Gwaine, future knight of the future Round Table.  From a plot perspective, I suppose the most important thing here is that Gwaine has proved his talents and Arthur has earned his loyalty.  I like seeing Arthur begin to turn into the king we know he’ll become, and there were some nice moments of that here.

One a personal level, Gwaine spent more time bonding with Merlin, though, particularly over never knowinig their fathers.  Merlin, of course, had a brief time with his, and Gwaine envies having even that much.  A lifetime of trying to distance himself from the nobility has made him brash and self-sufficient – a contrast to the earnest Lancelot.  For all their similarities, the two characters are distinct enough that I’d love to see an episode with both future knights.  I’m not sure whether they’d like each other, but I think it could be an interesting dynamic.

It’s been a while since we had a plot where the writers threatened all episode to kill Arthur.  I was hoping they’d figured out that those plots are pointless, but apparently not.


One thought on “Merlin: New knight, old plot

  1. Yeah, for some reason, this episode just seemed long and bored me. It wasn’t even just because we saw a similar plot with Lancelot’s arrival (that one entertained me quite thoroughly). I guess with Morgana this season, I just didn’t want to spend time meeting new characters. It seemed to take the focus off the story arc (especially since, at least here, they advertised a rerun of Morgana’s return and revenge against Uther), and it just seemed rather boring.

    Here’s hoping we get something new and exciting next episode. And I wouldn’t mind seeing Merlin get a few new tricks, too.

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