TV Moment of the Week: Adam gets high on ‘Parenthood’

I think I’m watching the wrong shows. I tell you, it’s really difficult to find a great moment of the week every week. I now realize how much work goes into writing The Soup every week. Of course, I refuse to watch many of the horrid reality shows that provide so much material, so maybe it’s my own fault. Anyway…

Today’s moment comes from this week’s Parenthood, where in the midst of the saga between Haddie and parents, we had a bright moment where Adam accidentally gets high after eating an edible offered to him from his boss and crashes Julia’s bridal shower for Jasmine.

Everyone’s reactions – particularly Sarah’s – was great, and I just loved watching Adam dance around the kitchen while stuffing his face. And while it was a lot of fun, the scene grew that much nicer, when Adam had to save the day and tell Max the beautiful scene of the lacewings, which convinces Max to stay camping with his grandfather.

Having trouble embedding here, so you’ll have to click this lovely image of Adam below. And, of course, you can always watch the entire episode on or Hulu.

Don’t forget! If you have ideas for next week’s TV Moment of the Week as you watch in the upcoming week, leave a comment here and let me know!


2 thoughts on “TV Moment of the Week: Adam gets high on ‘Parenthood’

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  2. That was such a great scene. Peter Krause did so well with it, which is funny because he’s usually not used as a comic relief type of guy. Great work.

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