Thursday Open Thread: Who’s your TV fashion guru?

As I sit here in snowy Boston, I’m reminded of when I would watch Gilmore Girls and think about how Lorelai would always have the best coats. I always wanted her selection. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily say Lorelai Gilmore was a fashionista (she did wear sweatpants with words across the butt in one episode), but she did have some good style from time to time. So on that note…

Who’s your TV fashion guru? Whose clothes or style do you wish you had?

This could be a fun one because it doesn’t have to be someone fictional. If Heidi Klum rocks your boat, you could easily choose her, since she hosts two reality shows. However, if you choose Padme from Top Chef, I might mock you relentlessly. She might have had fashion for a while, but lately, it’s been falling a little flat.

For me, well, it’s not Lorelai. Nor is it Brooke from One Tree Hill, who I called out for being on the leading edge of fashion. Perhaps she’s just too high fashion for me.

I think for a female, I’d have to choose Lily from How I Met Your Mother. Sure, it might have put her in debt, but she looked darn good going poor. For a man – this one’s easy. I already chose him for “Best Man in a Suit.” That’s right. Neal Caffrey in White Collar.

Let me know, in the comments.

Of course, why does your fashion need to be today’s? Maybe Kelly Kapowski is your icon. I won’t judge.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Who’s your TV fashion guru?

  1. I have to agree with you on Matt Bomer. Even his shirts are tailored to fit him, and (as we saw this past week) he looks good in a sweaty tank top too. Yum. I also love how the show manages to get him shirtless at least once per episode. But I digress..

    For girls, I do like what Blair on GG wears most of the time. Even Carrie had her moments in SATC, but overall, I would say it’s a tie between Lorelai (she had some awesome dresses, Blair for the high end stuff, and Carrie for the shoes. You’re right, though, Lily has some great outfits, esp with her boots. They haven’t been doing Robin any favors for a few years…

    For WORST fashion choices (and there are many), I need to speak to whomever is dressing the ladies of Merlin. Seriously…

  2. I would choose Angela from Bones. I love her wardrobe! Her clothes and her accessories are both so cute; I wish I had them. 🙂

    Not sure who I would choose for a guy…maybe Damon from Vampire Diaries, but that could be just because I think he’s hot. Lol

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