One Tree Hill: Here Comes the Brooke

ONE TREE HILL: 8.13 “The Other Half of Me”

The big day came and went. And while I did enjoy seeing Brooke and Julian finally tie the knot, well, I guess I was just hoping for more.

Kind of a sad start to the post, I know. But Brooke’s wedding has been a big focus of the season, and I think I just wish that it got more attention. A random Tuesday in January isn’t really what I was looking for. I guess I was looking for an end-of-season display or something. I don’t know.

Let’s start with the details. The church was beautiful. The reception hall was gorgeous. And while I know that Brooke wanted to design her own dress and couldn’t because she lost all her money, I was still a bit disappointed with what she wore. It just didn’t have the splash that was Brooke Davis. Take a look at the two images below of her dream dress versus what she wore.

Of course, I think Sophia Bush could have worn a potato sack and still looked great, so this is really a small complaint, but I do wish she’d had the sparkle of her dreams.

My real tiff for the episode is that somehow they changed Brooke into a woman who has, since she was a little girl, always wanted to grow up and get married. I mean, sure, showing her sitting outside her house as a little girl while her parents were fighting inside was very true. But the fact that she remembers a bride driving by and throwing her veil to her–and saved the veil–that was just not Brooke. She’s always been so independent, and she’s wanted to be a mother. And once she found Julian, she certainly wanted to keep him no matter what, but depicting her as a little girl always looking toward marriage…that just didn’t seem right.

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And how about her father?

Now, pretty much every girl out there wants to have their father walk them down the aisle, but we’ve never even met Brooke’s father. In fact, Brooke has never even mentioned her father. OTH is famous for making the assumptions that the viewers care about unseen characters. That’s why when Haley’s mother kicked it, I didn’t shed a tear. We knew her for two episodes. That’s it. It wasn’t enough time to make me grow emotions for her.

Same with Brooke’s father. It wasn’t a disappointment for us, the viewers, because we never wanted him around. We never met him or saw what he meant to Brooke. In fact, it didn’t even occur to me that her father would even be there in the first place, so this setback just made me shrug. So what?

But let’s move on to everyone else. I must say, the highlight of the episode was clearly Skills and his attempt to make sure nothing happened. I love that he stood up to make sure no one objected and the fact that he decorated the truck just in case someone drove off with the limo. Instead, we got a glimpse of by far the most boring couple hooking up in the back of it (but I’ll take it if that means Boobs — er, Mia — didn’t say much throughout the episode).

As for Quinn and Clay, poor Quinn and Clay. Well, poor Clay. Sadly, I really think they should have killed him off earlier this season. I like him a lot, but clearly, they have nothing to do with his character now. It would have been a better legacy for Clay to have died from the gunshot wound.

As for Quinn, I just wanted her to start taking more pictures at the wedding. This is why you don’t hire friends to be your photographer.

Finally, the speeches. I feel like Jamie’s speech would have been really cute…if we hadn’t heard the story at the beginning of the episode. Hearing it twice, well, that just kinda gave it less impact. Haley’s was cute. Seriously. That was something you’d really hear at a wedding. It was cute.

(By the way, we must be leading up to Haley’s baby and fast. That girl’s about to burst! Especially since Bethany is pregnant in real life.)

So yes, I had knitpicks. But it was a beautiful wedding. And it was nice to see Brooke getting along with Julian’s parents so well, even if they couldn’t get along themselves. Overall, it was sweet.

So here’s to Julian and Brooke! I’d like to wish you a lifetime of happiness, joy, and nothing but good times…

…but that would make for some very uninteresting episodes of OTH to come, now wouldn’t it?

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