Being Human: Digging the Dark Side

This isn’t your traditional review. Why? Well, I don’t actually plan to review the past two episodes, though I thoroughly enjoyed them. Mainly because I feel very overdue since I’ve ignored Raked for almost a week (eek!), and I just need to get back into the swing of things.

Anyway, I think I’ve figured out what sets Being Human apart from being just another vampire/werewolf show…and no, it’s not the ghost (though I love her!). It’s the fact that they don’t make being a monster pretty. At the end of the day, you may like Aidan, but you certainly don’t want to get all snuggly with him like you would Damon or Stefan. In fact, after seeing the ugliness of what a vampire could do to someone–you know, to that Felicia Day wannabe with the gap in her teeth–I don’t know if I really want to be around him at all.

Werewolves, sure, we all know the damage they could do. They tear things apart. We haven’t seen how horrible that can be yet on Being Human (though I’m sure we will), but the vampire perspective is something really interesting. More so, the fact that he’s struggling day to day, well, it’s something you certainly don’t think about when Edward is just trying to keep it in his pants around Bella.

As for ghosty, well, I can’t say she’s providing a new perspective on ghosts, but she’s certainly a character I’m enjoying. Personally, I don’t think her death is as simple as accidentally falling down the stairs in the middle of the night (especially since she landed on her back), and I fully expect to find out that there was some foul play. Anyway, she’s got a fun personality, and I like to watch.

Either way, it’s a good show, and I’m really enjoying it. Sure, the darkness did make me pause in the first episode, but now I’ve accepted it and am even more intrigued. Could it be that I want more blood? More gore?

Well, maybe not. But I certainly don’t mind it. And if it’s showing us that the Edwards, Stefans, Damons, and Jacobs out there might not be the ideal date? Well, bring it on.

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