V: Tests and torture

KT sees trouble brewing.

V:  2.03 “Laid Bare”

There’s all kinds of testing going on in this episode.  Some people make it through, but you can tell that new kinds of trouble are in the works for everyone.

After Malik and Erica crash their car, the plot veers away from the search for the underground group getting credited as the Fifth Column.  Having Malik as a prisoner raises a whole new category of opportunities (figuring out what she’s been up to) and problems (figuring out what to do with her), so most of the episode is taken up with that.  The answers aren’t hugely exciting — it seems that she’s been covering up the disappearances of people being abducted for the Vs to do research on.  (And if that strikes anyone as being too Roswell, our new science guy conveniently hangs a lampshade on it with a joke about alien abductions.)  Seems like a good reason for having a mole in the FBI.

Erica’s disappointed that Malik’s assignment doesn’t have anything to do with Tyler, especially now that New Science Guy (maybe next week I’ll learn his name…) has found out that Tyler’s DNA is missing huge chunks of nucleotides.  I’m pretty sure that by Earth genetics, that means he should be a puddle of goo, but maybe this explains why the kid can’t seem to enunciate to save his life.

Lisa is also getting drawn into science experiments, presumably conducted on victims Malik has disappeared.  She’s started to show signs of entering sexual maturity, and her mother has decided that means its time to intensify Lisa’s training.  Lisa pulls herself together and maintains her façade, but Erica is the mother-figure she goes to for a shoulder to cry on.  Meanwhile, (supposedly dead) grandmother Diana is starting to turn into a broken record on the idea that Lisa will rebell against Anna just as Anna rebelled against her own mother.  I guess it’s hard to give a character interesting material when she’s locked in the basement.  (See also: the great dragon for Merlin’s first two seasons.)

Father Jack’s test is one of character as Anna latches onto the idea that last episode’s bomber was inspired by Jack’s sermons.  Jack gamely lets Chad interview him, but Anna’s two steps ahead:  she not only sends one of her people to stir up trouble during a church service, but also Tyler (of all people) to go and film the whole thing on his cell phone.  Despite the trouble, Jack decides Chad can be trusted enough to introduce him to the rest of the group.

Of all the trouble that seems to be brewing, though, the most immediate problem seems to be Ryan.  The mother of the young woman he and Erica are able to rescue really seems to get to him, and in the end, we see Ryan tell Anna that he knows where the Fifth Column is.  But whether he’ll really give away his friends… remains to be seen.


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