Thursday Open Thread: Let It Snow

A bit of a belated Thursday Open Thread, but consider my procrastination due to trudging through piles of snow and shoveling my car. Ok, well, there was eight hours in there when I was working, but let’s move on.

I asked my Tweeps to give me some ideas for an open thread. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one with snow on the mind. Big shoutout to Aladarye for offering up this open thread:

What is your favorite winter-time episode?

Many winter-time episodes are automatically associated with Christmas, but not all of them. Let’s think snowy episodes. Episodes with scarves. Episodes with hats. Heck, any episode that takes place in the winter!

My favorite? Probably How I Met Your Mother‘s “Three Days of Snow,” where you heard the stories of Barney and Ted, Marshall and Robin, and Lily. Sure, the episode doesn’t seem like the strongest until you reach the end. My heart swells every time Lily sits broken-hearted in the airport, only to have the marching band start to play, and Marshall appear. I love it. Definitely a great episode.

So what’s yours?

2 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Let It Snow

  1. Well…I guess since I inspired the topic, I should throw in my two cents…

    My favorite is probably the Gilmore Girls, “Women of Questionable Morals” episode. Everything went wrong for Lorelai. The first snow comes, people aren’t coming to the inn because of the weather, her parents are still separated by the pool, her car gets buried, the snow plows block the driveway to the inn, etc. But of course, Luke comes to the rescue at the end by building her an ice rink in her yard to rebuild her “relationship” with snow…..and who can forget the Revolutionary War reenactment where Kirk dresses up as the “woman with questionable morals” when his girlfriend, LuLu, who was supposed to play the part, got sick…

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