Parenthood: It’s Haddie-bull

PARENTHOOD: 2.13 “Opening Night”

Haddie-bull. You know, like, if you say it out loud, it sounds like horrible, but I put Haddie in there, and then spelled it differently to emphasize that Haddie is full of bull?

Ok, so it might not work as cool as in my slightly overtired head, but really, the Haddie-specific storylines in this episode was awful. Not the writing, but Haddie herself. Ok, let me explain.

Haddie is awful. Awful. And she just doesn’t get it. I understand that she’s upset that she can’t see Alex, but I think her parents are entirely correct. A relationship with Alex is too adult for a sixteen-year-old — heck, even Alex understood it. But the fact that she lied and that she continued to sneak around with Alex, well, that’s entirely something that they should have gotten upset about. Is taking the door off too much? Personally, no. If she’s going to abuse her privacy so that she’s lying, deceiving, and slamming it in her parents’ faces, then yes, take it off! And take the cell phone away, too. She’s being a brat, and she deserves it.

What I don’t get is that she didn’t seem to understand that she crossed a line with Alex. Even Alex is ticked, and even though he seemed to explain it and forgive her, it sure sounded like he was telling her good-bye on the phone. So why is she still pushing? And the fact that she is “moving out” to live with her grandmother? Well, if we find out come next week that her grandmother doesn’t turn her around and send her home immediately, then there’s more wrong with this family than just one bratty girl.

Anyway, moving on to other things… Jabbar and Jasmine. Yet again, I’m getting annoyed with Jasmine. Crosby’s right. They have a 50/50 partnership, but she’s always calling the shots. And in this particular example, she seemed to do it because of her own feelings. She didn’t want him embarrassing himself because she would feel bad. I think in this argument, I take Crosby’s side. It’s hard to force a kid to do something he doesn’t want to, but should we really show him that he gets his way all the time, even when people depended on him? What if three minutes before the show, he suddenly decided he wanted to be Marilyn’s agent (or whoever was talking to Sydney) and pitched a fit when they said no?

Uggh. Does anyone else think Jabbar’s losing cuteness points week to week?

As for the wrapping paper, I support a Drew-centric story, but this one fell flat for me. We’ve established the closeness between him and his grandfather, so we don’t have to keep doing it. And this one…eh. Plus, having Adam get mad at Sarah for trying to sell it at work just seemed like unnecessary conflict. There was enough stress in this episode. We didn’t need the needless.

So that about covers it. I’m honestly afraid to watch next week, if Haddie’s going to be finding refuge in her grandparents’ house and they’re game. Ok, so I get that her grandmother likes Alex, but that doesn’t mean she should be making the rules for Haddie. She’s not her mother — or father, for that matter.


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