HIMYM: Last Words

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 6.14 “Last Words”

Raked here. I’m stepping in for KT this week. The only strange thing…despite my offer to take over, I’m finding myself a little speechless. Interesting, considering that the episode deals with last words.

But let’s backtrack. First, I need to give a mad shoutout to The TV Addict. I gave them a bit of a hard time for posting a sneak peek of pictures from the episode, which seemed more like a spoiler. Seriously, just take a look at the pictures. Based on the description, does it not look like Danny Strong, Marshall’s bully, took a punch to the groin by Ted, finally making Marshall laugh (you know, since that was their goal for the majority of the episode)? At least that was my prediction.

Strangely enough, these spoiler pictures seemed to remain unaired. In fact, Danny Strong’s appearance seemed to be a bit of a waste of an opportunity. I really enjoy Danny Strong, but not only was he barely even believable as Marshall’s former bully (what did he have? two lines?), but he was barely believable as a priest, as well. He didn’t seem kind or respectful — heck, he doesn’t even respect the memories shared by Marshall’s family. Ultimately, his jokes fell flat. So boo.

Though I did appreciate how short he looked compared to Marshall and all his brothers. Man, he was tiny. More tiny than Lily!

Let’s move on to the sentimentality of the episode. The dilemma of Marshall’s analyzing his father’s last words to him. It’s kinda strange. As I heard each of his brothers tell their tales and his mother tell hers, my response was more surprised at their final moments with their father. To me, Marshall’s stories as he tried to remember his father’s last words seemed much more honest and natural. It’s the little, day-to-day things — the humorous things — that really made his father his father (and the father we saw on-screen), and not the big life lessons he was telling everyone else.

But to Marshall, this just hurt. He didn’t have the sentimental moment. Just a pocket dial. Now, as soon as he started the speaker phone of the pocket dial, I knew that something was coming. Right? But it was the poignant moment that we were looking for. He said he loved him. And that’s all Marshall needed.

But his eulogy was not about that, whether Ted’s narration said that it was because he wanted to keep it to himself or not. In the end the eulogy was about the man he was every day, with the humor to match. It was just nice, and I’d say that HIMYM treated this episode right.

Other notes? I very much enjoyed Robin’s story, being the bringer of vices. She really did turn Mary Poppins into a darker film, though, once you start thinking along the lines of what a “spoonful of sugar” might’ve really meant. As for Lily, well, I’m not entirely sure what I thought about her in this episode. It seemed a little over the top — perhaps because I didn’t really realize how much Marshall’s mother disliked her. I mean, I knew there were some harsh feelings, but still? Hmmm.

What were your thoughts? Were you moved? Did this episode work for you? And will you miss Marshall’s dad? And have you seen Crocodile Dundee 3?

And hey, what do you think about Barney’s new steps to find his own dad?


3 thoughts on “HIMYM: Last Words

  1. Thanks again for writing this week! I finally got around to watching this one, and I really loved the end of the episode. Well handled, tasteful, sensitive, funny, and yes, made me bawl.

    I really enjoyed Robin’s part as well, though Ted and Barney’s quest fell flat for me, as did Danny Strong as the minister’s son, which I was disappointed about as well. Looking at the pictures you linked, I bet there was a scene they cut where that character came out to fetch Marshall and, as you suggest, Ted and Barney got him in the crotch. That piece of the plot did feel a bit abandoned, but it also was kind of a weak link anyway.

    I was really amused by all the other characters’ interactions with their dads. Marshall really was the only one who had a strong relationship with his father. But I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with Barney’s new journey to meet his dad.

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