Hannah (and Miley) have left the building

HANNAH MONTANA: 4.13 “Wherever I Go” (series finale)

Well, it’s over. You’ll never see Hannah Montana or Miley Stewart again. Unless, of course, they make another movie, but they sure did wrap up the series pretty well that any movie would seem a little pointless. Except, of course, to make money, but that’s neither here nor there.

I went into the Hannah Montana finale with three predictions: that there would be a montage of clips, a duet with Billie Ray (probably during said clips), and a useless appearance by Oliver.

Well, I was kinda right. There was definitely a useless appearance by Oliver. There was a montage, though not of clips from the series as I thought. Instead, we had Miley and Lily both moving in their own opposite directions and then after it ended, a montage of photos from the show. And there was a duet, though not with Dad. Instead, did you notice that it was Emily Osment who got to sing the bittersweet song with Miley?

Overall, I must say, this episode, which I was sure going to be about Miley growing up and saying good-bye to Dad (you know, before I saw the trailers) was really an episode to finally let Emily Osment shine. I feel like she’s been underused in the past season, mainly just hanging out in the kitchen while events transpired around her. She’s always been fun in the series, so it was disappointing to see the change. Well, in last night’s finale, she certainly got her moment.

Miley (the character) was very much at her worst in this episode. Completely selfish with only one view in mind–her own. After all these years, I’d be just as hurt as Lily to see that Miley wouldn’t be honest with her, and when Lily let lose and yelled at her, well, she’s had it coming for years. She’s been a brat one too many times, and she deserved it.

Did I think Lily really just wanted to be invited to Paris? No. That seemed a little ridiculous (as did the project in general–who wants to work with Tom Cruise nowadays anyway?). But I guess that’s what the writers wanted, and in the end, it made sense that Lily just wanted to be asked. I was surprised that she later decided to go… Less because it was out of character for Lily but more so because I certainly wasn’t hoping that Disney Channel was telling all its viewers that there are more important–and fun–things to do than go to college and get an education. I can see it now: Admission rates plummet because Lily, Miley, and even Oliver (not including possibly Jackson) didn’t go to college on Hannah Montana.

But even after Lily came to her senses (ok, maybe Oliver wasn’t useless if he helped her come to her senses), Miley still didn’t quite get it. Why wouldn’t her dream be Lily’s, too? Why would she want Lily sitting on the sidelines of Miley’s life?

Honestly, the moment that Lily turned around, it was quite moving. I give props to Emily Osment, I seriously do, and I fully respected her at the end of the series. And, well, Miley…

She did turn it around and show up at Stanford for the happy ending. The only thing missing? Robbie Ray singing about his baby girl growing up.

A few other notes:

  • I’ve never been a fan of Rico, and I’m thrilled that the end of the series means I’ll see him even less–maybe not at all. But this episode he was actually not obnoxious, and he gave Jackson the job of every man’s dream: video game tester. Seriously. That’s the job of every man’s dream.
  • The suitcases hiding the kisses was kinda funny, I have to admit. I keep racking my brain because I’m sure that Disney has shown someone kiss on screen before, but I’m coming up with a blank. Not even on Wizards?
  • Um, how did Amber and Ashley get into Stanford? Especially when they proved that Ashley was an idiot?

And that’s that. So long, Hannah Montana–and Miley, too. What’d you think of the finale? Did it meet expectations? Will you miss the Hannah Montana crew?


4 thoughts on “Hannah (and Miley) have left the building

  1. “Admission rates plummet because Lily, Miley, and even Oliver (not including possibly Jackson) didn’t go to college on Hannah Montana.”

    This is not necessarily a bad thing, is it? The lack of HM fans in college might make the college population brighter on average. 🙂

  2. I did find the Amber and Ashley getting in a bit odd but I did expect to see them again for some reason. Just for Miley and Lily to get back at them cause of Miley’s fame. And as to how they got in. We’re forgetting their parents are extremely rich, or so we are led to believe! So daddy just paid Stanford a big amount of money and wham there they are! – In Theory.

  3. Oh, you’re probably right! I could entirely see money being the way they got in. Good thinking.

    Honestly, I had completely forgotten about them in the last few episodes because they had basically disappeared from the show for a while. Hadn’t occurred to me that they’d be back in the picture. They weren’t even in the graduation episode (that I recall anyway).

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