V: Soulful

KT is starting to think that a V drinking game would need entries for “soul” and “human emotion.”

V:  2.02 “Serpent’s Tooth”

If anyone needed a little more proof about what a snake Anna can be, I think we got it this week in her scenes with her own mother.  Diana, regally played by original V queen Jane Badler turns out to have been deposed by Anna many years ago and has been stuck in her own personal dungeon ever since.

The personal interaction is pretty great, but their first scene together is also helpful for exposition.  The writers are again tackling the question of emotions and how Vs seem to develop them from too much exposure to humans – as if it were a winter cold.  The new explanation is that emotion are a possible side effect of wearing human skin the way the Vs do, so we’ll go with that for now.  Anna also confirms that the Vs are looking for a new home, and for a  way to breed with humans.  And in Anna’s eyes this emotion problem has just got to be done away with.

Tidbits of world-building.  I like it.

Later in the episode, it becomes clear that the concept of the soul is not something that ever developed in V culture, so both Anna and Ryan have developed some odd ideas about souls.  Father Jack seems somewhat bemused to reassure Ryan he has a soul, too, while Anna latches onto the soul as the thing that must be excised in order to get rid of human emotion, as if it were a gall bladder.

We also see Anna tightening her grip on Ryan (metaphorically, this time) by playing on his parental sympathies.  He gives in, so I expect some major trouble real soon.

The main plot of the episode, though, involves human suicide bombers who are identified as Fifth Column… except that of course our Fifth Column folks don’t know anything about them.  Agents Evens and Malik race to uncover this new network of terrorists – overtly as partners, but of course we know they’re playing for different teams.  And it’s starting to look like each of them suspects the other, as well.


2 thoughts on “V: Soulful

  1. Did we really need the teeth scene? Was there not a better way to show that Malik (Tory, from BSG) is a V? And is she typecasted to be a backstabbing person?

    That seemed a little too over the top for me.

    However, I loved the CGI awfulness that was Anna eating the mouse and regurgitating it for the baby. Ha!

  2. Clearly, casting directors just look at Rekha Sharma and see “secret identity” written across her forehead? Or who knows, maybe she picks the two-faced roles because they’re twice the fun.

    Anyway, pulling that massive tooth out of her human-looking mouth kind of amused me. And I liked the way Erica put together the blood on the warehouse floor with the blood on Malik’s shirt and came up with DO NOT TRUST. ‘Course, then there was the gun, so that made it kind of obvious.

    I understand the mouse bit was something of an homage to a scene in the original in which Diana practically swallowed a hamster or something — without the benefit of CGI. Either way, gives me the icks!

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