Moment of the Week: The Flaming C

TV Moment of the Week for this week: A superhero, oven-mitted Conan O’Brien

About a month ago on Conan, O’Brien visited Bruce Timm of Warner Brothers Animation and talked to him about creating a superhero based on O’Brien himself. Following Conan’s instruction (give him an oven mitt, loafers, and garter socks that old men wear!), Timm sketched out a quick version of Conan’s altered-ego, The Flaming C. This Monday we got to see The Flaming C again, in all his animated glory, delivering a stern lecture to a group of young superheros.

They seem to take it in stride, though if I were in their place, I think I would have been distracted by the constantly steaming oven mitt, or maybe the fishnet stockings.


3 thoughts on “Moment of the Week: The Flaming C

  1. Also a nominee for this award was Morgana’s over-the-top sinister gazes in Merlin last Friday. Unfortunately, there were just too many to choose just one.

  2. Probably just as well you chose Conan. I’m willing to bet that Morgana’s “Hey, audience, I’m SO EVIL” looks are going to be a staple of this season.

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