Thursday Open Thread: Favorite TV Home

Ok, so I forgot that it was Thursday, so now we’ve got a little bit of  a weird open thread this week. But bear with me. Now that I think about it, I’m curious to know what you think.

What is your favorite TV home? Who’s house (or apartment) would you want to live in?

The first “homes” that come to mind are Monica and Rachel’s apartment on Friends and Claire’s house on Modern Family. No idea why these are the two that pop into my head, but they are. Claire’s house, though, is pretty standard, and none of the other houses really stand out to me. And if I had to live in an apartment, sure, I’d choose Monica’s. After all, it’s big, decked out, and rent controlled (seriously, watch the first season; they mention it).

But as for a real place that I’d like to live? Well, sure, Neal’s castle (of sorts) in NYC on White Collar is great, but Lorelai’s house in Gilmore Girls is really the one for me. It’s cute and charming. It’s got the nice porches, and a nice yard. Plus, it’s near a cute town. Yeah, I think I’m going to have to live there if I have a choice.

What about you?

Ok, to see more of the house, including the interior, check this site out. Seriously. It’s where I found the picture above. A nice tour of my preferred TV home!


4 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Favorite TV Home

  1. Tony Soprano’s house, absolutely. That winding driveway leading down to the mailbox, and the pool out back by the huge grill, really stick out in my head.

  2. Oh! The Sopranos is a good one! I think I would choose their house. For an apartment, I love Charlotte’s place on Sex and the City. It was huge and in a great location.

  3. Great choices. Especially from the Gilmore Girls. Not only is the house nice and cozy (though i never liked the idea that Rorys rooms was right next to the kitchen) but Stars Hollow is the real reason to live there.

    If you are picking houses though, lets go with Wayne Manor. Even the 60’s Adam West Wayne Manor was awesome! Not to mention best basement ever! Or one of the McMansions from ‘the O.C.’.

    For apartments, the Friends apartment was the first thing i thought of as soon as i read the article title. I cant think of another sitcom where the apartment is such a big part of the show. The best episode of the series (episode 4.12) revolves around a contest for the apartment. Though another apartment which i think is cool is Richard’s from Castle.

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