Moment of the Week: HIMYM’s Shocking End

With the new year comes bright new things. One thing in store for Raked is a brand-new feature: Moment of the Week. Every week we’ll bring you what we feel was a huge moment that week. Whether it’s just a damn funny moment, something really cool, an unbelievable sports moment, or this week’s moment, a heartwrenching dramatic moment.

There’s really no rules here. Well, no, there’s one. It has to be TV related. But whether that means it was real life, reality, or scripted, well, there’s no rule there. It could even be a web series or something in an interview about a show. Really, there’s a lot out there to scour through, and we’re happy to emphasize one such moment.

Suggestions from readers are always welcome. Just let us know in a comment on a post or via email. After all, we at Raked know that we don’t watch everything on TV. That’d just be crazy.

So now, the TV Moment of the Week for this week: HIMYM‘s shocking end.

I was hoping for this first “Moment of the Week” to have something happy or comedic, but really, the surprising news about Marshall’s father really just changed everything for the show. As the show subtly counted down to the bad news in the end, it was still a shock to the system to finally find out that everything was ok–Marshall got good news from the doctor–just to find out that worse news awaited him.

The remarkable performances by Jason Segal and Alyson Hannigan highlighted what anyone would feel and how anyone would react in this moment, giving a real insight into the truth of what people face in life and death.


3 thoughts on “Moment of the Week: HIMYM’s Shocking End

  1. I have to say that the ending of HIMYM last week stuck with me far longer than most. Perhaps it was that I can identify with Marshall having lost my Dad to a heart attack or maybe it’s a combo of that and the fact that I’m a big ball of raging hormones but this was the most real moment regarding death I’ve seen on TV in a long while
    I didn’t think that that countdown was very subtle. I thought it was most definitely in your face.

  2. Yeah this was pretty big. I did not see it at all, and after it happened I felt pretty guilty, because all episode I was thinking how annoying Marshall’s dad was.

  3. @Tami:

    You know, I read a good number of blogs that totally saw all the numbers, like you did. I only saw one or two in my first viewing, so I didn’t put anything together. I watched again, and some of them did have blatant placement, but I guess I was one of the few that saw it as subtle!

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