Parenthood: Boys, Birds, and Beer

PARENTHOOD: 2.11 “Damage Control”

Parenthood jumped from Turkey Day to 2011 this year, and while I missed a holiday episode, perhaps the show isn’t quite ready to really delve into religious subject matter, only fully shown in this episode when Julia attempted to describe the death of a bird to Sydney.

Honestly, this was just the cutest death I’ve ever seen. I mean, not really the death itself–death by window–but the family was just cute. I loved Joel’s attempt to keep it alive by drops of water and Julia’s reactions to even bringing the bird into the house. And how excited Sydney was to play with it. Of course, I think we all knew that bird wouldn’t make it until the end, and I did wonder how the super-rational Julia would explain death to her daughter. You know, every time I think of someone explaining death to a child, I think of Mr. Hooper’s death in Sesame Street, when they had to explain it to Big Bird. This was not quite as heartwarming, probably because it’s actually a very difficult thing to do.

Sydney didn’t quite get it, so Julia eventually explained heaven, something that she hesitated over, and by Joel’s reaction, I at first thought they didn’t agree on. Perhaps that’s still true. But in the end, it was somewhat funny to see Joel upset that his mother had passed and was in heaven…only to be waiting there with the dead bird. Though I will say, perhaps this scene wouldn’t have nearly as much poignancy if I hadn’t still be suffering the loss from How I Met Your Mother last night.

In other news, Kristina and Adam finally met Alex, after Haddie hid him for so long. I loved Max’s greeting at the door, and Alex did impress. But then again, I fully agree with Kristina and Adam that Alex is way too adult of a relationship for their 16-year-old daughter, so while she was shocked and upset, they certainly made the right call. How long Haddie goes behind their back will be another question.

As for Drew, well, I’m glad we got to see more of him, and it was nice to see Sarah actually get emotional over something other than her love life (think she’ll really take that break from boys?). I understand why she’d be so upset with her dad for introducing Drew to alcohol, but where was all this freakout potential when Amber was getting drunk at parties and sleeping with Haddie’s old boyfriend? I think her concern is great–and interesting–but I don’t quite know why Drew set her off and not Amber’s craziness. (True, Amber’s craziness did make her move back home, but she certainly didn’t stop drinking once she got there…until this season.)

Finally, Crosby. This is probably the first time I actually respected Jasmine. Crosby really did tick me off in this episode. As my brother can probably tell you, “helping” someone clean their room isn’t actually teaching them to clean (I sat there and played with my toys just like Jabbar did), and Crosby was clearly just afraid of Jabbar’s reaction. Honestly, I think Jabbar’s a little too old for the “I hate you” game. Most parents get that when the kid is much younger and get punished for the first time, but I guess we’ll give benefit of the doubt since Crosby wasn’t around then. Anyway, here’s hoping he learned his lesson because I wasn’t the biggest fan of bratty Jabbar.


One thought on “Parenthood: Boys, Birds, and Beer

  1. I thought Julia and Joel were going to disagree on the heaven thing too, but I guess he just got sad because he was thinking about his mother.

    I was also thinking about why Sarah reacted so strongly to Drew’s drinking and not so much to Amber’s. Maybe it’s was just some kind of gender thing. I suppose it’s easier to see your son falling prey to addiction if your husband was a hopeless addict.

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