Top 10 Character Deaths of 2010

This one was rough. It really made me realize that I’m not nearly watching enough TV. There were years ago when I could list ten TV deaths in an instant. This one took thought, especially when you considered that they had to have some significance. How do you define significance? Well, that’s what you’ll have to read below to see.

Note to readers: Please consider that this will include spoilers if you’re not caught up on the most recent seasons or episodes of your recent shows. So if you want to skip out, I’d stop reading now. (Note, look up. If you’re catching up on one of the series above, I’d stop reading.)

So I now present you with the Top 10 Character Deaths of 2010. I had to get some help from JC on this one. Consider this my grateful shoutout.

Top 10 Character Deaths of 2010
(in no particular order)

1. Rita, Dexter. As someone that was a late-comer to Dexter, it was pretty jarring coming across the internet the day after Rita was found dead in a bathtub, with her son crying on the floor, sitting in her own blood. The fans were going crazy, and even I had to jump ahead and watch the horrifying clip. It was a moment full of horror and feeling–the latter one being a bit of a surprise in the world of Dexter.

2. Amy, The Walking Dead. In a show about the zombie apocalypse, it only makes sense that one of the characters will eventually get eaten by zombies. Sure, I should have seen it coming, considering that the episode this death takes place in opened with an extended scene showing Amy and Andrea sharing childhood memories of their parents. Of course one of them was about to bite the dust! But anyway, the episode itself hyped us up for a reapperance by the rampaging, one-handed Merle. Instead, zombies suddenly attack the camp, and Amy can barely get out the phrase, “We’re all out of toilet paper!” before a bloodthirsty shambler quite graphically bites a football-sized chunk of flesh out of her neck. It was ugly. She dies in her sisters arms, and is later shot through the head by said sister as she begins to re-awaken as a zombie. Ouch.

3. Topher, Dollhouse. Dollhouse barely made it into 2010, but it sure got its own body count. Topher was certainly one that stood out. The poor guy went crazy after bringing about the “Brainpocalypse,” only to save the world in the end. We all knew it would happen, as he walked the device to Adelle’s office, but we had that glimmer of hope–comfort?–as he turned to the wall to see all the faces already lost. Then BAM. He was gone.

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4. Jack, Lost. Say what you will about the final episode of Lost, but it was a long, strange trip to get from Jack waking up in a field of bamboo, to lying down and dying in that same field years later. While I got sick of Jack’s self-righteousness somewhere around season 4, I found myself coming back around in the final season by remembering the history of a sometimes great, sometimes not-so-great fictional character. There was something touching about him dying in the same spot where, years ago, he woke up to a metaphorical “second life.” It was even sweeter that Vincent the dog stayed with him until the bitter end.

5. Dr. Percy, Grey’s Anatomy. Dr. Percy is really representative of the many casualties at the end of last season’s Grey’s Anatomy, and while I’m not a regular watcher and, frankly, didn’t know who Dr. Percy was, it was a heartbreaking end. The moment that Bailey realized that elevator wasn’t running and that all hope was lost…wow. It was certainly a moment to remember in one horrifying episode.

6. November/Mellie, Dollhouse. So innocent. So sweet. So meek as they went into that final fight against Rossum. And sure, as you tried to figure out who Joss would sacrifice next, she certainly made the list. The sympathetic kill (not unlike #3), right? But seeing her fight her programming, only to take her own life, well, I don’t know if anyone saw that coming.

7. Kate, White Collar. This deathly shoutout goes not to the character, but the badass writers who realized the weak link in a storyline. Apparently, the viewers disliked Neal’s love interest, Kate. And how could you? How could you root for a couple that you never saw together. Plus, add in her annoying phone calls and “mysterious” one-liners, and you just want her out of the picture. So the writers had the balls to do it. Boom went Kate, and on went the show.

8. Jin/Sun, Lost. In the death tally that was Lost‘s final season, it’s hard to choose only three characters to make the list. JC made the Jack choice above (#4), and we both agreed that Jin and Sun’s dead romance–and bodies–deserved to make the list. In seeing them episode to episode, you forget that these two had three whole years of never seeing each other. Frankly, Sun thought Jin was dead! So to finally have them reunite, only to shortly after take their final breath, was just heartbreaking.

9. Robert McCallister, Brothers & Sisters. Again, not the best character for the death itself, but more for the actions behind the scenes. This was a death that was of no surprise to anyone (certainly no Amanda from Army Wives), since all the viewers saw it coming. All over the internet there were stories about how Rob Lowe was leaving the series and most likely to be killed off. The most heartbreaking of it all? Kitty sat by Robert’s bedside for months, only to flip the switch in a heartbeat and start dating someone else only a little while later. Talk about devotion.

10. Mayor Lockwood, The Vampire Diaries. Maybe not the best death Vampire Diaries has provided us with in its short lifetime (Vicki, the many vamps that were staked or decapitated this season, the almost deaths of Jeremy and John, and the occasional classmate), but certainly an interesting moment, when we see Mayor Lockwood arrive in the basement surrounded by the vamps he swore to kill. Some nice quips with Damon and done. It was a death that signified a transition for Tyler, but most of all, it provided us with a crazy “Save Mayor Lockwood” fan video (that I wish was still available now).

So who am I missing, folks? Fill in the holes; after all, I don’t watch everything! Let it all out in the comments!


One thought on “Top 10 Character Deaths of 2010

  1. I would like to put in a vote for Sargent Riley from Stargate Universe. His death was due to the fact that Dr. Rush hid the fact that he had now full control over the ship. He felt that only he knew what he was doing and adding people that didnt know what they were doing was dangerous. But only having one person control the ship means he would make a mistake and miss something. Rush sent people on a doomed mission and Sarget Riley became trapped in a crashed shuttle because of it. At the end, Riley pleads Col Young to end his life because he knows its coming. We watch the entire scene as Col Young must suffocate a man under his command.

    This death was suprising as until this point, Riley was a semi-major character. Also, the results of his death is felt for several episodes as people deal with his death and Rush loosing his lone control of the ship as people begin to mistrust and blame him.

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