Five People to See Less of in 2011

Now that we’re coming to the end of 2010, it’s time to start looking back on the year that’s passed and the year to come. Here on Raked, we’ll be doing a few top ten lists and awards for the year, but first up, how about noting the top ten people on our minds? In two posts, we’ll hear the Top Five People We Want to See More of in 2011 and the Top Five People We Want to See Less of in 2011.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

Five People We Want to See Less of in 2011

Lea Michele – She may be the new Barbara Streisand with the nose and voice, but she’s certainly not impressing me. Michele is incredibly overexposed since Glee has won a popularity contest as of late. Sure, she’s got a great voice, but with her diva action on screen and off, I’m a bit tired of her. (I’m also tired of seeing her half naked. Just sayin’.)

Gwyneth Paltrow – Choice number two also has overexposure to blame. From her appearance on Glee (which I hear was decent) to her brand-new movie, Paltrow is everywhere, especially where I spend my time the most: the internet. I’m tired of Paltrow headlines and commercials, so let’s just move on. I’m tired of hearing about her comeback. (Sadly, my request might not be granted, what with rumors that she’ll be returning to Glee.)

Steve Carell – I get it. He’s leaving The Office. Can he get gone already? He hasn’t been funny on the show for quite a while (in fact, most of the cast hasn’t), and I don’t understand why people are upset he’ll be gone. I hope he takes a break from my viewing for a while (and takes the rest of the show with him).

Miley Cyrus – Is it just me, or is Hannah Montana Forever just dragging on? Yes, it’s funny that I’m commenting on someone who’s the star of a show that I’m way too old to be watching, but between her presence on the Disney Channel and her misadventures reported on the web, I’m fine with seeing less of her in 2011. In fact, let’s add a few other tween brats to this list, including Victoria Justice (her song sucks), the entire casts of Sonny with a Chance and Step It Up, and any other Disney star who has released a music video on the Disney Channel in the last two months. Oh, and Oliver and Rico, of course.

Jim Parsons – Great as the weirdo roommate on Big Bang, but the minute Sheldon fell into the spotlight, he became overexposed and annoying. The funny went right out the window. But the fans still obsess about him. I’m not entirely turned off from Parsons, but I sure am getting there. If I see less of him in 2011, well, not only would it alleviate some frustration on my end, but it just improve The Big Bang Theory. He should always remain the annoying, quirky sidekick.

I didn’t even touch on reality TV “stars,” so I’m sure there are a lot more we can identify. Maybe that’s another top ten list…

What about you? Who do you want to see less of the in the coming year? Let me know in the comments.

*images from Yahoo! TV and Zap2It


14 thoughts on “Five People to See Less of in 2011

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  2. Couldn’t agree more on all of the people above, particularly Parsons, Cyrus, and Carrell. I am tired of you people! Go away!

  3. Lea Michelle – Agree. Stay on Glee and im cool with her

    Gwyneth Paltrow – Disagree. I like her. She use to be in a lot more movies before she had kids, then she disappeared. Im glad shes back.

    Steve Carell – Agree (sort of). Im glad he is leaving the show (and hopefully the show ending. But i would like to see him in movies. He has a good 50-70% good movie rate

    Miley Cyrus – Agree. I was done with her before she was born.

    Jim Parsons – Strong disagree. Again, a post where you are anti-nerd. I love Sheldon. Yes, i agree that too many episodes as of late have relied too much on Jim Parsons, but doesnt mean he has to go.

  4. For Gwyneth, I’m not surprised others disagree. I tend to hate things that have a lot of hype, and right now, she’s everywhere since she’s making a comeback.

    As for Parsons, I’m not anti-nerd! I’ll say that. I used to really like Big Bang Theory and then he became the person in the spotlight and the originality went out the window. My implication with him is literally to see LESS of him. Put him back in the sidelines for a little while, so we don’t get sick of his quirks. Give us a little bit of a break. He doesn’t need to disappear entirely; I just want to see less of him.

    Thanks for the comment! Any people you’d add?

  5. @aky I used to like Sheldon but his kooky weirdness has become too much of the focus of Big Bang; it was better as an entertaining side dish. I hope they tone him down and use him just a little bit less; he’s move effective when used sparingly! Though, perhaps I shouldn’t be commenting much seeing as how I tend to watch Community more often than Big Bang.

  6. Bah! I should really think before I post a comment so I don’t have to comment three times. I should also note that some of my Parsons burnout was the mild obsession that went through the interwebs this fall when this video posted. I’m actually posting this blog post so you can see one such fan who just thought it was the best thing since cottage cheese:

    It’s a good message, of course, but I didn’t need to hear people weep about how great the video was.

    (Oh, and cottage cheese is AWESOME, in case you didn’t get my meaning. I can’t say the best thing since toasted bread, which I think is the real phrase, since I’m not the biggest fan of toast.)

  7. Haha. 🙂 I still adore Jim Parsons and Big Bang Theory, too. I love Gwyneth Paltrow, too, just in general — I seem to live under a rock and hadn’t noticed that she’s in a lot of stuff lately.

    Lea Michele, however, I would be happy to not see every time I get in line at the grocery store. Talented, yes. Suffering from overexposure, hell yes.

  8. I just discovered WORDPRESS.COM today and it’s great! I agree with less of Lea Michele;she just seems like a very unpleasant girl and Miley Cyrus is just disgusting(plus that voice). I’ve only recently started watching “The Big Bang Theory” and I love Jim Parsons/Sheldon. Didn’t realize he wasn’t always the spotlight. Love Gwyneth on “Glee” and looking forward to her return.

  9. Frankly, I think a little less Jason Segel might benefit me, if not anyone else. I really enjoy watching the guy, but he’s beginning to show up everywhere. I really feel like he’s gonna end up being a 2nd Seth Rogan for me. I loved Seth’s acting (and still do), but for awhile there he was the king of comedy and showed up in every movie that came out. And not every appearance was a high quality one. Overexposure can be a killer.

  10. Oh God, this. I’m so tired of feeling dumb every time I see them on a magazine cover and (like Marshall in HIMYM) I can’t remember why they’re famous.

  11. Well, just saw this week’s episode of HIMYM (“Bad News”), and now I feel all guilty about listing Jason Segel here.

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