How to trap a man: Lifetime’s subliminal messaging

I had a great Saturday night, wrapping gifts while watching TV. And what to my wondering eyes did appear–and encore showing of Lifetime’s miniseries Marry Me. I had mentioned that I thought this was a super-cute movie, and I must’ve been telling the truth because I sat there and rewatched the entire thing, and I even enjoyed it all over again.

But the funny part was that after about an hour or two, I noticed something. I’m not the most observant of people, but usually I notice when networks share things in the corner like advertisements. For example, I didn’t have any problem seeing the occasional graphic in the left-hand corner of the screen that had Lucy Liu in a wedding gown with the words, “You’re watching Marry Me” (or something to that degree). What took me apparently hours to notice was the almost translucent message to the right-hand side of the screen, which was there for the entire rest of the movie after I noticed it.

Can’t see it? You can click to make it bigger, but how about just checking out this screencap instead.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Give Lifetime some props because they finally have created a way for a woman to snag a man. Just use their subliminal messaging. Just for four hours of your time, you can secretly convince someone to Marry You NOW.

Of course, there is the wee problem with the fact that you’d have to first convince a man to watch a four-hour chick flick. But hey, if you can do that, he must be a keeper. Then, just let him watch. Maybe he’ll drop to a knee by the end. After all, four hours of the request “Marry Me Now” in opaque writing just might work!


One thought on “How to trap a man: Lifetime’s subliminal messaging

  1. That’s so funny. I wonder if someone at Lifetime HQ noticed and decided to leave it as is because it was funny.

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