You’re a liar, Hannah Montana!

HANNAH MONTANA: 4.12 “Kiss It All Goodbye”

As a slight side note, I’m not sure how this title for the episode really fits with the content. It fits with Miley’s final song, sure, but as for the actual episode, well…

I think if Miley had found her happy ending after the big reveal a few weeks ago, we’d all be complaining that this wasn’t a realistic show at all, even in our already suspended sense of disbelief. I personally liked that Miley was attacked for being a liar. I could entirely see a mother asking how she’s supposed to teach a child how to not lie when her biggest role model was, in fact, a big fat liar (see my previous post, “What they SHOULD have asked”). That being said, having only two callers attack her didn’t give me the real feeling that everyone hated her. I could see them adding a few more seconds of footage in, just showing Miley’s crumbling expression while voiceovers of caller after caller asked her accusing questions.

I would have also liked to see more of the press, and I hope that they’ll continue to show Miley looking ridiculous in the media so it’s not an easy ride for her. After all, if it were easy, why would there be Hannah to begin with?

Overall, an ok episode. You know, I can’t quite think of anything particularly humorous in the episode, so I supposed that’s a failure on some terms. If the show’s not all that funny, will it really grab the kids’ attention anymore? In fact, should I really be writing an analytical review of a show like this? Analyzing other ways they could really show people hating Miley? Is that the kind of show this really is?

Bah, enough of that. Let’s move on to Rico.

As much as I dislike anything Rico-related, I must say, I actually enjoyed seeing Rico’s mental breakdown for not realizing that Miley was Hannah. Perhaps it’s because he wasn’t trying to be obnoxious. He was out of his element. But it was quite nice to see the softer side. Considering that he really was the closest one to figuring it out (think of the episode with the Bone Dance) and he was the one who saw both Hannah and Lola (tennis match episode), and he prides himself as being a genius, of course he would take it to heart.

But Jackson’s way of revealing that he wasn’t the only one fooled? Fantastic. Considering that Rico always has his gospel choir with him now, it was great to see the solo act to help him out. Nice.

Also, how has no one asked about Robbie Ray yet? He was the weak link of the entire facade. He always said that he was Hannah’s dad, and yet, people knew Miley’s dad, Robbie Ray, was a former musician. Can someone open this one up to the public so we can all have a “Duh!” moment? That fake mustache wasn’t fooling anyone.

Finally, if you haven’t realized it yet, we’re transitioning. From Hannah to Miley in show and music. That final song was no Hannah. I hope the kiddies still liked it, flying hair and all.

P.S. – I still don’t believe that Miley would have gotten into Stanford. She claims her grades were great. But we had multiple episodes where her grades just weren’t cutting it. Where did this come from?


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