V returns in January

If your TV schedule feels incomplete without an impending alien invasion, you’re in luck!

Despite a rocky start, V delivered a strong second half of its first season, culminating in unexpected alliances, tense conversations between enemies, and strong performances from the series leads.

It’s been a long time since that season finale, though, so I thought I might write a quick recap of season one.  But ABC has beat me to the punch, so I’m going to let them handle the heavy lifting.

I think that does a pretty good job of the major storylines. I love the way that the two mothers are becoming closer and closer to the other one’s child — Tyler is enthralled by Anna, while Lisa is a step away from joining Erica’s resistance.  Elizabeth Mitchell’s Erica and Morena Baccarin’s Anna own this show, but Lisa is definitely one to watch.

The finale left us in doubt about some of the supporting characters, though.  Ryan has been on the run from the rest of the Vs from the very beginning, but now he seems to have been re-assimilated, which could do very real damage to Erica’s resistance movement.

Chad the reporter has been defined by the way he sits on the fence.  He’s deeply intrigued by Anna, but he’s also been itching to unleash his powers of investigative journalism on the Vs.  Sometimes he seems suspicious, other times he seems so sincere — hard to say where he will land.

Then there’s the ever-efficient Marcus, who has revived Joshua for unknown purposes.  Could Anna’s right-hand man be disloyal?  Plus there was a secret deal he made with mercenary Hobbes at the end of last season that wasn’t fully explained.  To Anna and Erica, this fight looks black and white, but other characters are finding ways to gray things up.

What can you say?  Nothing’s ever really black and white.


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