One Tree Hill: When it rains, it pours

ONE TREE HILL: 8.11 “Darkness on the Edge of Town”

It pains me to see that I chose that headline. But I’m a day late on this post, so I’m moving on.

Just like I thought someone was going to do at the end of this edge-of-your-seat episode! Holy crap!

Let’s start with the meh. Ok, that was Haley and Nathan. I get that we needed some sort of lightness to drown out the drama of this episode (Oh, god, I used the word “drown”). Sure, the Christmas Story line was funny, but all I wanted was more Brooke. More more more Brooke.

So until we get there, let’s go to Katie and Quinn, which was, in usual OTH style, over the top. My complaint? It wasn’t over the top enough. I mean, come on. Katie is no Nanny Carrie. Plus, she didn’t die. Will she come back? It’s crazy, but I really just wanted her to be chased around the cornfield, hit in the head with a shovel, and shot three times. Or something similar, but at the beach.

Also, can we just assess the fact that Quinn was fleeing for her life and couldn’t four-wheel it off the driveway around the tree? Um, what.

Anyway, I’m a wee bit tired of Katie, and I kinda wish that had they brought her back, they would’ve spent a little more time establishing the stalkery nature of either Quinn or Katie. I don’t know. This episode wasn’t enough. I wanted more.

But enough with that. Let’s move on to Brooke.

This was the time Raked spent yelling at the TV. In fact, I kept insisting to JC that they were going to kill off Jamie. No, really, I insisted. They’re killing him off. He’s a six-year-old, JC insists (though Jamie might be 7 or 8 now). They won’t kill him.

Well, they didn’t, but at every turn, I certainly thought they were killing off someone. And if this show were by Joss Whedon, you can guarantee that Brooke wouldn’t have gotten off the pavement.

In fact, that’s where the dark recesses of my mind went (you know, after Jamie was safely back on the bridge). I knew they had been advertising the possibility that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton would be returning for an episode this season…for the “wedding.” But what did I think?

Holy crap! They’re killing off Brooke! And they’re coming back for her funeral! Damn you, One Tree Hill!

Sadly, this was a real statement that came out of my mouth.

Anyway, fortunately, Brooke didn’t die (what would have happened to the show then), but damn was that effective. I mean, even her stopping with Chuck standing in the road with the bloody head. And Haley and Nathan doing the same when they saw Jamie standing there. And when they were in the car and safe…and then the levy broke?! It was fantastically over the top, and I loved it. True OTH style.

Plus, we now have the mystery of who did the hit and run. Who hit the car Brooke and Jamie were in and then drove off? I guess we know the next mystery in Tree Hill.

That bridge has never really treated that group well. I remember another car flying off the side…


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