The Walking Dead: Season Finale


And so we’ve come to the end of The Walking Dead’s short first season. Overall, the show was pretty good. While some of the middle episodes weren’t outstanding, and while some of the writing was a little… wooden, the last two episodes turned out to be very good. It will be a long wait until season 2 (not expected until next October) but I feel like the long wait will be a good thing. It should give showrunner Frank Darabont, and whomever else collaborates on the writing, some time to smooth out the kinks and wrinkles from this season. And, with a full slate of 13 episodes to work with, season 2 should be able to focus on the development of some more minor characters, something that season 1 didn’t do well at all. I have some high hopes for season 2. A few thoughts on this particular episode below:

  • More Lost parallels in this episode. The CDC’s self-destruct countdown really brings back memories of the survivors in the Hatch, pressing that button every hour and a half.
  • Noah Emmerich was great as Dr. Jenner. His “lecture” about the nature of personhood and intelligence, leading into an description of what the zombie disease does to the brain was heartbreaking. We learn that his wife insisted she become a test subject after she was infected, and he was forced to shoot her himself.
  • It would have been nice to stretch out the stay in the CDC over a couple more episodes. I liked seeing the survivors feeling safe, even if it was only for a little while, but it wasn’t possible with such a short season. Our hapless survivors don’t get any breaks.
  • The love triangle between Lori, Shane, and Rick will erupt pretty soon. Shane is at a breaking point, as evidenced when he nearly rapes Lori in the library of the CDC.
  • Still no sign of Merle or Morgan and his son, but I’m sure we’ll see all of them next season.
  • Of course I was wrong in last week’s post when I said the survivors would run across the military. The men in fatigues were from a flashback in the hospital during the outbreak. It was a nice scene, showing us just how much Shane really did care for Rick, and how tortured he was to have to leave his friend behind.
  • Dr. Jenner whispered something to Rick right before he ran out of the CDC. My guess? Lori’s blood test shows she’s pregnant, but with who’s child? Guess we’ll have to wait until October to find out.

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