Get in the spirit. Go ‘On Strike for Christmas’

I’m a sucker for Christmas movies. I really am. So when I saw a screener for Lifetime Movie Network’s new movie, On Strike for Christmas, it was all I could do to wait until after Thanksgiving to watch it.

It’s really a cute movie. Here’s the premise: Joy (played by Daphne Zuniga currently of One Tree Hill fame) just wants this to be the perfect Christmas. Her two boys are growing up, and this will be their last Christmas together before they head off to college. But when the hustle and bustle of the holidays becomes Joy doing all the planning, baking, and decorating herself, it’s time to take a stand. She goes on strike for Christmas–and other women in the community quickly follow suit. What’s her family to do without her? And what is this really doing to the holiday?

The premise sounds a little silly, but it’s really cute, and I think any mother out there would relate to Joy’s struggles. In fact, even if you’re not facing this struggle yourself, you’ll completely relate to Joy. After seeing her husband (played by Gilmore Girls‘ David Sutcliffe) blow off evenings at home for work events and seeing her boys over and over forget the little requests that she has, you’d want to break away and go on strike, too! But even in that, the movie is fun. You might get annoyed at the characters, but never frustrated enough to stop watching!

Plus, there are some great scenes. My favorite’s got to be when Joy’s family is forced to make cookies without her. I’m not that great of a cook, but even I knew every step they did was wrong, and it was just funny. They even went over the top with some slapstick elements, but after seeing how they underappreciated Joy, you really did want to see some flour in the face!

But ultimately, the movie does have a happy ending, and you realize Christmas isn’t about strikes and making a point, and it really is about just being with your family.

Did the guys pull through, or did Joy break down and pitch in at the end? Well, I guess you’ll have to watch and see. Watch On Strike for Christmas this Sunday night on Lifetime Movie Network.

*images courtesy of Lifetime Movie Network

4 thoughts on “Get in the spirit. Go ‘On Strike for Christmas’

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  2. For men of a certain age (i.e, mine) Daphne Zuniga will ALWAYS be ‘of “The Sure Thing” fame’)

  3. You know, I wanted to throw in a Space Balls reference in there, but when I was talking about this earlier in the week to someone and threw that out there, they gave me a look like I had five heads. It was saddened.

  4. Nobody knows, the trouble I’ve seen! My hair, he shot my hair!

    Oh yeah, had some crazy love for Daphne Zuniga back in the day. My wife and I actually just watched The Sure Thing again a couple of months ago and Spaceballs is one of the first movies I bought on DVD. Got some serious John Cusack love going, too (not to mention Joan, who is pure awesomeness).

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