Parenthood: Room full of turkeys

PARENTHOOD: 2.10 “Happy Thanksgiving”

I’ve been ignoring Parenthood lately. It’s not that I haven’t been watching–I have–but I certainly haven’t been writing about it. So while I’m quite delayed in my review, I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts on last week’s Parenthood.

I think we all can agree that Gordon is a jerk. Not only did he secretly sell the company, then leave it to Adam to tell the employees, but he knew that he was leaving and proceeded to lead Sarah on throughout the entire episode. I mean, if you know you’re leaving–and even if you think she can meet you halfway and do the long distance thing casually–why would you show up at a family Thanksgiving? Uggh. I assume now that he’s gone for good, and it might be for the better.

And it was because of Gordon (sort-of) that we got a Drew storyline in there. Clearly uncomfortable with Drew, he had a miserable day. I appreciated that Zeek tried to fix it, by getting Drew’s dad to call and such, but in the end, Drew didn’t need the real thing. He just needed a guy to hang with and spend time with–to actually make the day feel like it was about family and not Sarah Sarah Sarah.

By the way, I love Amber’s new responsible role. That’s great.

Meanwhile, before I get into the struggles and strife, I must say that this show shines every time they put Sarah, Adam, Julia, and Crosby in a room alone together. Really, these four individuals have such great chemistry, and they’re a lot of fun. The final scene of the show was just fantastic.

Now, as for all the struggles, I personally still take the side of Zeek in the marital dispute. Camille should not be taking art lessons from the person that she slept with. Now, should Zeek have said something to him about it? Probably not. But the fact that Camille can’t see past that really bugs me. For once, I take the side of the headstrong Zeek.

Meanwhile, Crosby bugged me a little in this episode. I know he’s trying to prove himself to his to-be-mother-in-law, but I just feel like he tries too hard, and when he tries too hard, he gets annoying. That’s just me, though. As for his fight with Joel, well, I can see why Joel is hurt, and it bugged me that everyone else just seemed to make light of the argument. It just seemed to add wood to the fire. In fact, that’s kinda what they do with all the tiffs in the family.

Finally, Haddie. I’m not the biggest Haddie fan this season, though I am intrigued to see what Kristina has to say about seeing Haddie and her beau kissing. I wonder if she’ll discover that Camille knew about the crush. That can’t go over well.

A couple other points:

  • The trailers made Julia’s pie meltdown much funnier than it was in the actual episode. I would have liked to see her really try to hold back losing it.
  • It still makes me sad that I have to refer to IMDB to remember all these people’s names.

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