HIMYM: Catchin’ the Blitz

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 6.10 “Blitzgiving”

Hi there, Raked here with her own thoughts on How I Met Your Mother this week. I couldn’t help but wrestle it away from KT once I found out that Hurley was going to be on it. I mean, I devoted a few months of my summer to watching the complete series of Lost, so I miss my cast. It’s refreshing to see him again (and not some of the more whiny folks…but I digress).

It’s funny. For some reason, I can hardly bring myself to remember that this was a Thanksgiving episode. Perhaps it was because very little of it revolved around turkey. More so, it revolved around finding a table (and a working oven…something I wouldn’t mind myself) and the eventual friendship of Ted and Zoey.

What about Ted and Zoey? I do admit. I enjoy seeing Jennifer Morrison in something different than the scowl she eventually took on during her role as Cameron on House (I miss the dark-haired, chipper Cam), but the Zoey-centric episodes aren’t thrilling me. Perhaps it’s because here’s yet another girl that Ted is revolving episodes around that we know is not the mother. Ok, I guess they haven’t really told us she’s not the mother, but since they haven’t ended the episode with, “And that’s how I met your mother,” it’s a pretty good guess.

The idea of the Blitz was creative–and for that matter, relatable. Who hasn’t left a group of friends, only to discover that they missed some great part of the evening? The mist element going in and out of their mouths was very Hush and appropriate in the sense that HIMYM likes to put these quirky things in. However, the actual scenes of what Ted missed (and later what Barney missed) were just ho hum in my eye. I guess I would have much rather felt Blitzed myself, not knowing but just hearing the private jokes that I just didn’t get. Then, revealing the first real moment of being part of the group when the hat landed on the turkey.

Now, for Blitz himself–or Steve–I did enjoy his presence. It didn’t feel forced, which is an achievement in and of itself since TV has way too many guest stars nowadays. And honestly, my favorite part? Well, that was the Lost joke, when he said he was tired of being the Blitz and didn’t want it back: “I felt like I was on that island for eternity. It feels so good to be on the other side.”

Overall, not the best, not the worst, but certainly improved by the presence of Jorge Garcia. Now, can we get back to searching for a certain mother now?


One thought on “HIMYM: Catchin’ the Blitz

  1. I had thought this season would be a little more focused and directed on the whole mother storyline, but it hasn’t seemed like it so far.

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