Recap Review: A ‘Suddenly Susan’ Thanksgiving

Have I mentioned to you that my oven broke? Of course not. I write about TV. Well, mid-episode in one of my favorites, there was a huge buzzing, vibrating, and then silence while preheating the oven. When we opened it, smoke came piling out. What a nice thing to happen a week before Thanksgiving.

Which reminded me of an episode of Suddenly Susan I saw in 1996. I’m making a point to reference the year. Suddenly Susan is not only not online anywhere (I even looked for clips on YouTube–you can at least watch the intro here), but it’s not even on DVD yet. You know, if it comes out at all. But seriously. We’re talking old memories here.

But it was a hilarious Thanksgiving episode! Susan’s oven breaks on Thanksgiving day (see the connection now?), and of course, it’s the day that she’s hosting dinner for all her coworkers. Well, she’s able to find a repair man, but unfortunately, he dies mid-job. Now that’s some good ’90s sitcom action.

The best part about this episode was the running gag of everyone discovering that the oven was broken and then being shocked that not only was she about to get a repairman on Thanksgiving day, but also that he was dead with his head in her oven (if I recall that correctly). Even when she called for help, she very snootily told the operator, “Yes, I know how hard it is to get a repairman on Thanksgiving, but clearly that isn’t the issue now.” (Or something to that extent. Heck, it’s been almost 15 years.)

Another running gag? Everyone brings yams. Not the most original gag, but a little more likely than One Tree Hill‘s everyone bring Jell-O salad, whatever that is.

Anyway, this time of year, wouldn’t it be nice to see this episode on air. Here’s hoping when I get home, our repairman isn’t sprawled out in our kitchen. I’d like a little better luck than Susan, though, while I can’t remember the end of the episode, I’m sure it ended happily.

A little other thing to note? Rodney Dangerfield played Artie, the repairman. Sadly, I think in 1996, I was a little too young to appreciate that.


7 thoughts on “Recap Review: A ‘Suddenly Susan’ Thanksgiving

  1. Ah, Suddenly Susan. I have trouble looking back on that show with any fondness, as it has brought among us the unwatchable annoyance that is Kathy Griffin.

  2. The jury’s still out. He was unable to come yesterday and was supposed to arrive today, but we haven’t heard anything yet. I’m hoping this means he’s working, not, you know, lying face down in our kitchen.

  3. Oven was fixed in time! However, now the sink isn’t draining. Any good sink-related episodes that you can think of?

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  5. Can’t remember his name but one of Susan’s co-workers finds a bag of Cheetos and wolfs it down secretly (since there is nothing to eat) and then denies he ate anything but the front of his shirt is all orange from the Cheetos. I still laugh out loud when I think about it – or whenever I see someone eating Cheetos!

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