How ‘Life Unexpected’ Changed My Mind (It’s Good Now!)

LIFE UNEXPECTED: 2.09 “Homecoming Crashed”

Earlier this week I wrote a post asking whether Life Unexpected got what it deserved as far as the back nine goes. I should have known that just by posting this on the site and providing my rather negative viewpoint would make me feel guilty and eat crow this week. Honestly, the crow tasted good…like abused Lux.

Ok, that was awful, but I hope my point came across. Tuesday night’s episode of Life Unexpected completely changed my viewpoint on whether this show should be saved. In one hour, the show went from dud to stud. Instead of ignoring Lux’s complex past, we’ve finally gone back to exploring it, and we got to finally quit the “I’m a regular girl” crap we’ve been seeing week to week. It got…good again.

It was about three or four episodes ago that they introduced the idea that Lux might have a learning disability. When they said this, I kinda rolled my eyes. Really? We really want to give her dyslexia now (since that’s the usual disability that is used on TV)? If only they’d moved this episode to the one immediately following that because instead of a sore, almost forgotten note, we’ve got a real situation that revolves around a rotten past.

I was absolutely at the edge of my seat enthralled by Lux’s confrontation with her former foster parents. The wife, she just seemed so wooden and uncaring to Lux, while the husband… Did you notice Lux freeze in her anger the minute he came to the door, basically knowing that this wasn’t a man she wanted to mess with? We learned that he punched her in the chest, threw her down the stairs, and in this episode, wrapped his hand tightly around those light-colored locks and yanked her down the porch steps and around the yard, only to be stopped by a shovel to the head.

I certainly hope that Tasha doesn’t feel the brunt of those consequences, since it really seemed like that guy deserved it.

It was heart-wrenching. Knowing that this was the family that Lux was staying with–and that they had the delusion that it was a happy scenario. Perhaps that was just a front in front of Cate.

And what about Cate? Now, I know Lux has pulled some crap. Sneaking around, lying, but why would Cate really think she was capable of being violent? That’s never been a problem with Lux. It really did bother me that she so willingly believed that Lux was the violent one in the past, especially when it was Lux that got hurt–and had a stroke–because of it.

Ultimately, what this show needs is more of these discoveries. More passion and more, dare I say it, pain. This episode had my undivided attention as they met these demons. In fact, the only part that lost me was when Eric showed up at the end of the episode. I would have been more than pleased to have him be the absent presence on the other end of an unanswered phone.

It’s unfortunate this episode came so late in the season. Something like this could get more viewers, but now it seems to be a little too late.

What did you think? Did this episode blow you away?


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