Conan’s Back

JC here with some quick thoughts about Conan

I said yesterday that I’ve never been a huge late night comedy fan, and I think it’s safe to say that I’m still not. However, I did really enjoy the first episode of Conan last night. The prescripted opening scene was funny, particularly the scene of a bedraggled, broken, and jobless Conan moping around in a tiny house full of 14 unruly kids. I loved the remote controlled moon, the various jabs at NBC’s trainwreck management of the last few years (sorry, these never get old to me), and the masturbating bear. I found myself surprisingly interested in the interview with the girl from Glee, especially accompanied by the local news clip (local news, always so awkward!) about the Vogue magazines spread out across a highway. Seth Rogan was fine. It was cool to see Conan playing guitar with Jack White; this was obviously meant to recall his jam session to Freebird on his final NBC show. Conan himself looked relaxed and in control, and it was great to watch him interact with the audience in the very beginning. And Andy Richter did a great job slipping in hilarious little comments or asides while Conan was doing his thing. The introduction of the Nutcracker Museum Curator guest was wonderfully bizarre and weird, and the short bit about the ex-talk show host Halloween mask was both hilarious and grotesque (what a horrifying looking mask) at the same time.

Anyway, I liked it a lot. It wasn’t revolutionary, but it was consistently funny, and just weird enough to surprise me. I don’t expect to become a daily viewer, but I’m sure I’ll tune in semi-frequently, especially since TBS will be offering it online too.


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