Bye-Bye, Hannah Montana (and Lola, too)

HANNAH MONTANA FOREVER: 4.09 “I’ll Always Remember You”

Well, if you didn’t know this was coming, you must’ve missed the news that this was the last season of Hannah Montana. At some point this season, Hannah would have to disappear, and Miley would have to step up into the spotlight. It’s a little early, as there are some more episodes left this season (take a look here), but it was the episode, and it was certainly a biggie. This isn’t the end of the show, but it was the end of Hannah.

I’m glad it was Miley’s choice to reveal herself. There were a lot of instances where Miley almost got discovered–or Hannah almost got discovered–so in a season where Miley was growing up, it was only right for her to grow out of the blonde persona and become the woman that she really was, at the loss of the icon (and Lola).

Now, I will say, the good-bye scene between Miley and Hannah certainly was a bit cheesy, though I suppose necessary. Personally, the fact that Miley was letting Lily jeopardize her future was ridiculous, and while Jesse’s infamy may fade, it wasn’t fair to him either. For a character like Miley, who’s always twisted things her way, it was needed, even if we had a moment where she was again talking to herself (much like she talked to herself after Blue Jeans turned into Miley in “Miley Says Good-bye?”). And, of course, the flashback moments were necessary to get the heartstrings successfully pulled, but sitting side by side with Hannah as she came out of the closet was a little over the top. But since my heart was already pulled in so many directions, Miley’s mouthing “thank you” was a good moment.

I only wish Lily had been able to have the same moment. We start at the start of the episode with her trying to convince Miley that it was important to tell people that Lily is Lola, only to discover the people really didn’t care. While Lily wasn’t Lola as long as Miley was Hannah, the moment she took off her wig during Miley’s final song and looked wistfully at those pink strands were the moments that I almost felt moisture in my eyes.

Will Miley’s world ever be the same? Well, I guess we really don’t know. I doubt it will be, and since there are episodes to come, I’m sure we’ll hear a lot about whether Miley thinks she really did make the right decision. My real question is whether she really will get into Stanford (personally, I was surprised that either she or Lily even applied there; I never thought Miley focused on grades, especially after the biology/Bone Dance episode where she just aimed to get a B) and how people are going to react to who Miley really is.

Personally, I would have made this the series finale. These questions aren’t ones that necessarily need to be answered, and I think people could imagine what Miley’s future would be–good or bad, as they’d prefer. But I suppose we’ll see in the months to come. But in the meantime, I guess we’ve said good-bye to Hannah Montana.

And on the bright side, to that awful fake mustache of Robbie Ray’s, too. I mean, really. How did people not see through that?

Oh, and as a side note: Sienna, Rico, and Jackson’s songs were all horrible and potentially ruined the episode. I know we needed comedic relief, but Robbie Ray’s one-liners really did the job. Those just needed to go. Every last one of them.

Also, how desperate is Jay Leno? Clearly, this was his publicist’s attempt to get him on the good side of viewers again. If you grab the kiddies, you get everyone else, right? Eek. Too bad it wasn’t Conan. Now that would have been something to see.


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