One Tree Hill: Brides and Bros

ONE TREE HILL: 8.07 “Luck Be a Lady”

I just got married. And I’ll tell you what. I did not go to any Wedding Expos that involved people walking around with champagne–so much so that you get so drunk you pass out on the floor.

Clearly, I was going to the wrong expos.

In case you didn’t realize it from the last episode, Julian’s mother is clearly going to take over the wedding plans. After all, if she’s paying, why wouldn’t she? So I had no doubts that she’d take over this expo.

I should also note that at no expo did I ever see people trying on wedding gowns. Well, except the models for the fashion show. But hey, this is TV. And yes, that dress was so wrong for Brooke.

I did love that Mommy Baker’s strategy was to make all the other bridesmaids ugly to help out the bride. She was so passionate about that, especially as she picked up a dress and said, “See how ugly this one is?” It was just funny.

As for Haley? For some reason, as cute as she was, I didn’t believe that her pregnancy hormones would really put her so far away from Brooke’s opinion. She might have gotten out of hand, sure, but I could entirely still see her at least trying to help out Brooke’s cause.

Moving on, Julian. Somehow I bet that in the end, we’ll be seeing Jamie as Julian’s best man. Well, I have heard rumors that they’re trying to get Lucas and Peyton back for the wedding, so there’s a chance it could be real-person Lucas (as opposed to mannequin Lucas, which was HILARIOUS), but I just think it would be that much cuter to have Jamie do it. I also adored how invested everyone was in Jamie’s frog, even though he wasn’t in the episode at all.

As for the nightmarish poker game, I’m glad we got some of the minor characters back in the action, but I thought there was way too much drama than was necessary.

Nathan? He overreacted. Sure, Clay should have prepared him more, but he certainly overreacted to the embarrassment. Chase and Alex? Uggh. I don’t understand the appeal of Chase at all, so I wish we would put this storyline way far behind us. Seriously, can we please?

As for Haley’s new musician, well, I’m not all that impressed yet. Haley should have gotten reamed for outing the anonymity of the caller. As for the musician herself, I’m actually really intrigued to see if her emotional struggles will come into play as she starts her music career. Not as in, this emotion will go into her songs, but whether it will conflict with her trying to have a music career. It could be interesting.

I must say, I missed Quinn in this episode, and I hope she’s back soon. And Clay? Somehow, I doubt he’d dance that well after his shooting and surgery. Just saying.


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