Recap Review: Fear Itself


Who’s the little fear demon?

There’s a high likelihood I’ve already written a Recap Review on one of my favorite Halloween episodes, but since it is one of my favorites, I’m going to take this Halloween and write about it anyway. Whoo hoo!

Why “Fear Itself”? Ok, so it’s not the funniest (though Anya in a bunny suit is definitely something worth watching), and it’s not the scariest. But there’s something about the fact that in the end, the fear demon is minuscule and not terrifying at all really tells you all you need to know about fear. It’s really not as bad as you’re making it out to me.

Well, except for maybe Oz. I personally would be terrified to see him turn into a werewolf (though I guess it’d be less frightening for him).

Buffy grinds my nerves a little bit when she gets on her high horse (but then again, that goes into the entire season question about Buffy and her friends as Scoobies), but I can ignore that since I’m really intrigued to see them wander this frightening house. I still wonder whatever happened to the guy in the closet when the closet disappeared.

But let’s look at some other highlights, like Giles. While he’s not the main character of the episode, I do appreciate his excitement over Halloween (sombrero and all) and how sadly he sat at home eating candy when no trick-or-treaters stopped by (I know the feeling). But best of all, the chainsaw. Who doesn’t want to see Giles with a chainsaw?!

Anyway, it’s a fun episode of Buffy that’s worth a Halloween watch. After all, where else will you get to see someone dressed as God? Oz is so smart.


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