Vampire Diaries: Heartless, or without heart


I’d read rumors all over the internet about how Vampire Diaries was going to kill someone off. Of course, I see this about a week and a half ago, when I’m catching up on the episodes I missed while on my honeymoon. I was careful to skip any advertisement, for fear I’d find out.

Then, I was super-amped to watch last week’s episode. Finally, I’ll know. (Keep in mind, I didn’t actually read these articles, as I didn’t want spoilers. For some reason, I thought that last week was the week for death. Ooh, creepy.)

Then, my TiVo broke and didn’t tape the series. Seriously? Are you kidding me? I had to wait until Monday to find out what happened. So finally, I have. This all leaves me to ask one question: So did they kill off the person they’re going to kill of?

Honestly, Mason Lockwood’s death was rather…anticlimactic. Slightly unwarranted, though in retrospect I can see why keeping Mason alive would be more of a threat than it did in the moment (what with the fact that he really didn’t want to be a werewolf, and he was just handed this life). Damon seemed cold and frightening. It was not a moment that I wanted to relive.

But then I remembered hearing the word “fan favorite.” Was Mason considered a fan favorite? He wasn’t in it all that much, though I guess I could see some girls screaming over him. Then, I saw Jenna with a knife. My thought process?

Jenna or Alaric?! Jenna or Alaric?! Who’s going to die?!?!

Jenna stabbed herself. Huzzah! I knew who died!

Except…she didn’t. She’s still alive. And I still don’t know if Mason was the death that we were expecting. Was he the fan favorite? Was he? Or is it…Matt? Someone I could see people adoring. That teaser ending sure did make you wonder if his fate really was safe. But they can’t really kill off Matt, could they? Can you imagine what that would do to Caroline? She must save him. Right? Right?

In other words, the teasers I saw just made me ask more questions than get answers, and in the end, I’m more amped up than ever. So…good job, marketers.

But let’s go back a moment. Can I just say how impressed I was by the Salvatore brothers in this episode? Well, less the brothers and more Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. When Elena broke up with Stefan, this is the first time we really got to see past Stefan’s wooden exterior and see that there was emotion there. I was impressed, for once, with Wesley. But all that was shadowed in comparison once you saw Damon.

Even my heart broke when I saw Damon’s expression. He seemed to think everything would be ok, but the moment he saw how distraught and upset Elena was, his entire face crumbled. Kudos to Somerhalder. Damon has to be one of the characters that has the most depth, and this scene certainly showed that–especially after we just saw him rip the heart out of someone.

The ending was really the best part of this episode, and give it a round of applause.

Now, on to the new episode tonight!


One thought on “Vampire Diaries: Heartless, or without heart

  1. I don’t think of Mason as a fan favorite. He hasn’t been on the show long enough to become one. That’s my opinion anyway. I was afraid it was going to be Jenna! I’m so glad it wasn’t though because I really like her and Alaric and I would like to see where their relationship takes them. Right now everyone in her family knows about vampires except for her, so I wonder if she’ll find out soon.
    And I also agree with you about the Salvatore brothers. That last scene was very emotional and very well done.

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